Personal Homepage Server

The continuing mission of our server is to allow staff and students of the University of Manitoba to publish web pages. The content of these web pages is the responsibility of the account holder.

The dynamic nature of the web, and the temporary status of students, means that web pages will disappear without notice.

The IST Help & Solutions Centre provides entry level assistance with the personal homepage server. We are located in 123 Fletcher Argue. We can also be contacted by email at and by phone at (204) 474-8600.

In order to post content to your personal home page, staff and students with a valid UMnetID must first claim the IPA/UNIX resource in SignUM using these instructions.

Many people like to use the free Filezilla client to sftp upload content to their personal webpage. You may also find these instructions helpful when accessing our UNIX/Linux system.

We also wish to remind you that our account Usage Agreement. prevents you from sharing your credentials with other people (for example to maintain your webpage).

Staff and student homepages can be found by using the U of M People Search tool

Help & Solutions Centre
123 Fletcher Argue
Bannatyne Help Desk
230 NJM Library