As of January 2016, this website has been replaced by, where you will find a more extensive collection of eclipse- and astronomy-related climate and weather information. This site will not be maintained except for small updates dealing with the March 2016 total eclipse. Please visit and renew your links.

-Jay Anderson
Welcome to "" This site is devoted to eclipses, transits, occultations, and other astronomical events in which weather conditions play an important role. In this site, you can check out the average cloud conditions for your favourite star party, find a map for a solar eclipse track, check the weather for an eclipse, transit, occultation, aurora, or other event, or just mull over the average monthly cloud conditions around the globe.

2016 September 1 Annular Solar Eclipse

Africa & Madagascar

2017 February 26 Annular Solar Eclipse

South America & Africa

2017 August 21 Total Solar Eclipse

(Early look) - U.S.A.



Global Cloud-Cover Maps for Each Month
Aurora Borealis: Europe or America: Where is the Best Weather?

Star-Party Weather!

Cloud statistics for North American star parties

Eclipse Ephemera: Stamps, Posters, Pins, Philatelic Covers and so on...

- the fun part of eclipse viewing

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Updated: March 2016