Ahmed Ashraf
Assistant Professor

Manitoba Learning and
AI Research (MLAIR)

Department of ECE
The University of Manitoba
75 Chancellor Circle, Winnipeg MB

Post doc Toronto Rehab Institute, UHN, Toronto
Post doc UPenn, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
M.Sc. Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
B.Sc. UET, Lahore, Pakistan


Research Interests

My research interests include Biomedical image analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. My long term research aspiration is to let machines gain faculties that put them at par with humans in terms of performing tasks in which humans currently outperfom the machines.

More specifically I am interested in the applications of machine learning to vision, perception, spatio-temporal biomedical image analysis, healthcare monitoring in long term care (LTC), and assistive living for older adults

I am actively looking for highly motivated graduate students in the areas of Machine Learning/Computer Vision/Biomedical Imaging/Cancer Radiogenomics.