Sep. 2006-May 2008

    Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), an annually prestigious award given by the province of Ontario to graduate students with proven academic and research excellence.


    May 2004-May 2008

    Western Engineering Scholarship (WES), a teaching/research and tuition scholarship given by the University of Western Ontario to graduate students based on outstanding academic records.


    Sep. 2003-Aug. 2007

    University of Calgary Graduate Research-Teaching Assistantship, (declined in Apr. 2004 to transfer to the University of Western Ontario).


    Sep. 1996-Jun. 1999

    ABBSAUSA, a top-up tuition scholarship given to undergraduate students with excellent academic records at the American University in Cairo (AUC).


    Sep. 1995-Jun. 1999

    First Category Scholarship, an annual scholarship awarded to undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA in the 95 percentile of the entire student body at the American University in Cairo (AUC).