Dr. E. Bibeau

Manitoba Hydro/NSERC Alternative Energy Chair

The promotion of cost effective energy sustainability, conservation and innovation is one of the important corporate goals for Manitoba Hydro. An important objetcive is to research and monitor technological and economic developments in all energy related technologies. Manitoba Hydro actively pursue alternative energy opportunities and encourage the development and demonstration of cost-effective alternative energy applications in Manitoba that follow the triple bottom line: environmental, social, and economical. They encourage collaboration with the University of Manitoba, engaging researchers and students to research and develop alternative energy applications that are based on scientific and sound economic analysis. The Manitoba Hydro/NSERC Alternative Energy Industrial Chair is one of many vehicles used by Manitoba Hydro to promote alternative energy research that may lead to new opportunities in the interest of all Manitobans.

Visit Manitoba Hydro to learn more about their work in alternative energy and NSERC how they support Canadian researchers.

"Achieving energy sustainability can only be supported in the present."

NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Alternative Energy Industrial Chair
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba