. www.evoluted.net Layout: Manny . www.tenka.co.uk REQUIREMENTS ============ This script requires PHP and GD2 if you wish to use the thumbnail functionality. INSTRUCTIONS ============ 1) Unzip all files 2) Edit this file, making sure everything is setup as required. 3) Upload to server 4) ?????? 5) Profit! CONFIGURATION ============= Edit the variables in this section to make the script work as you require. Start Directory - To list the files contained within the current directory enter '.', otherwise enter the path to the directory you wish to list. The path must be relative to the current directory. */ $startdir = '.'; /* Show Thumbnails? - Set to true if you wish to use the scripts auto-thumbnail generation capabilities. This requires that GD2 is installed. */ $showthumbnails = true; /* Show Directories - Do you want to make subdirectories available? If not set this to false */ $showdirs = true; /* Force downloads - Do you want to force people to download the files rather than viewing them in their browser? */ $forcedownloads = false; /* Hide Files - If you wish to hide certain files or directories then enter their details here. The values entered are matched against the file/directory names. If any part of the name matches what is entered below then it is now shown. */ if ($_REQUEST['pg'] == 'Download' ){ $downloads = ''; } else { $downloads = 'downloads'; } if ($_REQUEST['pg'] == 'Courses' ){ $courses = ''; } else { $courses = 'courses'; } $hide = array( $private, $downloads, $courses, '01_scripts', '01_ee', 'images', 'research', 'uek', 'safety', 'special', 'cec', 'photos', 'uploads', 'dirList.php', 'thesis.php', 'uploadPublic.php', 'index.php', 'headerDownloads.php', 'contact.php', 'courses.php', 'download.php', 'downloadCode.php', 'events.php', 'footer.php', 'flashCode.php', 'gradStudents.php', 'header.php', 'home.php', 'info.php', 'mapPop.php', 'nav.php', 'navLinks.php', 'nav2.php', 'navLinks2.php', 'navOLD.php', 'navLinksOLD.php', 'opportunities.php', 'references.php', 'research.php', 'uploadNow.php', 'whiteBoard.php', 'AC_RunActiveContent.js', 'flashGallery.swf', ); /* Show index files - if an index file is found in a directory to you want to display that rather than the listing output from this script? */ $displayindex = false; /* Allow uploads? - If enabled users will be able to upload files to any viewable directory. You should really only enable this if the area this script is in is already password protected. */ $allowuploads = false; /* Overwrite files - If a user uploads a file with the same name as an existing file do you want the existing file to be overwritten? */ $overwrite = false; /* Index files - The follow array contains all the index files that will be used if $displayindex (above) is set to true. Feel free to add, delete or alter these */ $indexfiles = array ( 'index.html', 'index.htm', 'default.htm', 'default.html' ); /* File Icons - If you want to add your own special file icons use this section below. Each entry relates to the extension of the given file, in the form => . These files must be located within the ../images directory. */ $filetypes = array ( 'png' => 'jpg.gif', 'jpeg' => 'jpg.gif', 'bmp' => 'jpg.gif', 'jpg' => 'jpg.gif', 'gif' => 'gif.gif', 'zip' => 'archive.png', 'rar' => 'archive.png', 'exe' => 'exe.gif', 'setup' => 'setup.gif', 'txt' => 'text.png', 'htm' => 'html.gif', 'html' => 'html.gif', 'fla' => 'fla.gif', 'swf' => 'swf.gif', 'xls' => 'xls.gif', 'log' => 'log.gif', 'ppt' => 'ppt.gif', 'doc' => 'doc.gif', 'sig' => 'sig.gif', 'fh10' => 'fh10.gif', 'pdf' => 'pdf.gif', 'psd' => 'psd.gif', 'rm' => 'real.gif', 'mpg' => 'video.gif', 'mpeg' => 'video.gif', 'mov' => 'mov.gif', 'avi' => 'video.gif', 'eps' => 'eps.gif', 'gz' => 'archive.png', 'asc' => 'sig.gif', ); /* That's it! You are now ready to upload this script to the server. Only edit what is below this line if you are sure that you know what you are doing! */ error_reporting(0); if(!function_exists('imagecreatetruecolor')) $showthumbnails = false; $leadon = $startdir; if($leadon=='.') $leadon = ''; if((substr($leadon, -1, 1)!='/') && $leadon!='') $leadon = $leadon . '/'; $startdir = $leadon; if($_GET['dir']) { //check this is okay. if(substr($_GET['dir'], -1, 1)!='/') { $_GET['dir'] = $_GET['dir'] . '/'; } $dirok = true; $dirnames = split('/', $_GET['dir']); for($di=0; $di Download - Dr. Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba
Dr. E. Bibeau


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'.$files[$i].''; $thumb2 = ' onmouseover="o('.$i.', \''.urlencode($leadon . $files[$i]).'\');" onmouseout="f('.$i.');"'; } if($filetypes[$ext]) { $icon = $filetypes[$ext]; } $filename = $files[$i]; if(strlen($filename)>43) { $filename = substr($files[$i], 0, 40) . '...'; } $fileurl = $leadon . $files[$i]; if($forcedownloads) { $fileurl = $_SESSION['PHP_SELF'] . '?dir=' . urlencode($leadon) . '&download=' . urlencode($files[$i]); } ?>
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NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Alternative Energy Industrial Chair
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba