Dr. E. Bibeau

Current events in renewable energy

CHTTC: Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Centre

A facility located on the winnipeg River is being developed to test hydrokinetic turbines.

Hybrid Brayton Cycle Facility:

A new facility for biomass CHP is being commissioned. Here is what some graduate students are working on. download pdf

Going Green - Website:

Students from Manitoba high schools grades 9 to 12 are invited to share their own green energy and sustainability ideas/projects to help Manitoba move towards fossil-fuel freedom. Going Green will also accept posters from other students who have a strong interest in sustainability. See Going Green for details.

Renewable Energy Course:

Want to see what engineering students are learning and doing in renewable energy. Here was the project download pdf, and here is the the first place project report download pdf download pdf, and second place project report download pdf download pdf.


Ever wanted to pack tires to build an earthship: see how University students are developing an approach to reduce labor while keeping the approach relatively simple. Download presentation download pdf, poster download pdf, and report download pdf.

Turbine project on Winnipeg River:

Follow details at Kinetic Turbine Project.

50 by 30 - Website:

Manitoba Initiative for Sustainable Communities is developing a policy frame work to understand how we can achieve 50% renewables by 2030 through a combination of efficiency gains, energy demand reduction and the introduction of new renewables for heat, power and transportation. Contact Daniel Friesen or Eric Bibeau to participate.

NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Alternative Energy Industrial Chair
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba