Dr. E. Bibeau

Graduate students in renewable energy

Please email students directly if you require more information about projects or need the raw data. If you are interested in graduate studies, please click "Opportunities" on the side menu.

Graduate program and students
NameProgramEmailResearch Project
Sylvia SusantoMScsusantos@cc.umanitoba.caResource assessment of the kinetic energy in Canadian rivers
Jonathan SerhalMScumserha0@cc.umanitoba.caElectric trailer
Vitaliy Churilov MScvitaliy.churilov@gmail.comTesting of Bioenergy Hybrid Brayton cycle (Part Time)
Mohammad ShahsavarifardPhDumshahsa@cc.umanitoba.caEffect of shrouds on kinetic turbines
Kwadwo Poku OwusuPhDumowusuk@cc.umanitoba.caMitigation of icing using acoustic vibration
Shahab Shokrzadeh PhDshahab_shokrzadeh@umanitoba.caPEV battery repurposing
Daniel BalchaPhDbalc0029@umn.eduAnaerobic digestion
Amir Hossein Birjandi PhDamir.birjandi@gmail.comModeling of kinetic turbines
Andrea KrajPhDumkrajag@cc.umanitoba.ca Maximizing the renewable energy for remote locations using hybrid systems
Dave GadenPhDumgaden@cc.umanitoba.caModeling of anaerobic digesters
John WoodsPhDwoodsj@cc.umanitoba.caElectro-mechanical interactions for kinetic turbines (Part Time)
Faezeh Mosallat PhDf_mosallat@yahoo.com Solar District Energy
Soheil Shahidinejad Research Associate shahidin@cc.umanitoba.caPHEV optimization using opportunity charging
Caixia Yang Research Associatewycx425@yahoo.com PEV buses
Ali Ashtari Post Docaliashtari2002@yahoo.com Grid impacts of PEV

NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Alternative Energy Industrial Chair
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba