Key Note Addresses and Invited Talks

(September 2018). I don't really know what happened but I can tell you this…: Multiple experiences and the act of narration. Symposium
The Patient as Text - Revisited. Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris / Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, France.

(June 2018). Narrative and simultaneity. Centre for Narrative Research, University Wuppertal, Germany.

(May 2018). The emergence of simultaneity. Conference
Archeology of Mind. Monte Verità, Ascona (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich / University Berne / University Erlangen), Switzerland.

(December 2017). Narrative, identity, and the human sense of possibility. Conference
Narratives and Mental Health: Fragmentations, Disruptions, and Silences. University of Paderborn, Germany.

(November 2017). The presence of absence: Images and words in Anne Carson's
Nox. Conference Borders of the Visible: Intersections between Literature and Photography. University of Turin, Italy.

(October 2017). Lo sviluppo della cognizione sociale: I giochi linguistici come pratiche culturali [The development of social cognition: Language games as cultural practices] (With Ilaria Grazzani). Conference
Al di là della informazione data: Riflessioni sulla eredità di Jerome Bruner [Beyond the information given: Reflections on the legacy of Jerome Bruner]. The University of Florence, Italy.

(July 2017). Narrative as meaning-making: Challenging the borderline between factual and fictional narrative. Conference
Narrative Factuality, University Freiburg / Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, Germany.

(March 2017). Freud in Rome: Layers of life and the flux of cultural memory. Symposium
Transcultural Memorial Forms: Contemporary Remembrance of War, Displacement and Political Rupture, University of Tallinn, Estonia

(December 2016). Music and language. University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Germany

(November 2016). Narrative intersubjectivity. Sigmund Freud University Berlin, Germany.

(September 2016). Jerome Bruner e la psicologia come ricerca di significato. Conference of the AIP (Italian Association of Psychology),
Università di Padua, Vincenza, Italy

(September 2016). Alla ricerca del significato autobiografico. Festival dell'Autobiografia, Libera
Università di Anghiari (Arezzo), Italy.

(August 2016). Narrative and the philosophy of language: Mutual challenges.
Summer School in Narrative Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

(August 2016). The idea of the person.
4th Berlin Symposion on Narrative Medicine: Medicine and the Person. Panorama Klinik Berlin, Germany

(July 2016). Boesch's Homo narrator. Conference
The Cultural Psychology of E. E. Boesch, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

(May 2016). With Ilaria Grazzani - Young children's understanding of the mind: The role of conversation in developing social cognition. Institut Jean Nicod,
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) / Départment d'Etude Cognitive, Ecole Normale Supérieur, Paris, France

(March 2016). Narrative translation and radical otherness. Conference
Narrative Theory in Translation, Centre for Intercultural Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

(February 2016). What is cultural memory good for? Symposium on
Beyond the Archive: Memory, Narrative, and the Autobiographical Process. The Centre for Language, Discourse, and Communication, King's College London & The Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London, UK

(November 2015). Gedächtnis und Metapher: Wie wir unserer Vergangenheit Bedeutung verleihen [How do we give meaning to our past] Kilian and Koehler Centre for Sociocultural and Cultural Psychology and Anthropology. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

(November 2015). Table ronde/Panel on
Beyond the Archive: Memory, Narrative, and the Autobiographical Process. Paris Centre for Narrative Matters, Université Paris Diderot, France

(September 2015). Kulturpsychologie ist keine Disziplin sondern eine Orientierung - Ernst-E.-Boesch Preis an Jurgen Straub [Cultural Psychology is not a discipline but an orientation - Jurgen Straub awarded the Ernst-E.-Boesch Award]. University of Salzburg, Austria

(September 2015). Narrazione e cultura.
Festival dell'Autobiografia. Libera Università di Anghiari (Arezzo), Italy

(June 2015). Possible memories: Beyond the divide between the individual and the collective. C
onference Imagining the Future of Collective Memory: Integrating social and cultural psychological perspectives. Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

(May 2015). Memory and metaphor: How do we make sense of the past? The University of Tampere, Finland

(May 2015). Fracture, shock, lacuna: Cultural memory and the moment of the individual. Conference on
La memoria insepolta / Memory unburried. Centro Arti della Modernità / Centre of Modern Arts. The University of Turin, Italy.

(April 2015). Individualizing the historical imagination: Life-history, lifetime, life story. Conference on
The Historical Imagination. Humanities Research Institute, The University of Sheffield, UK.

(November 2014). Public panel on C
ultural Memory: Excavating memory, biography, and history. Remembering East Germany’s Peaceful Revolution. German Historical Institute London, UK.

(October 2014). Writing, metaphor, and narrative: Looping effects in the understanding of human memory. Aalborg University, Denmark.

(October 2014). The sense of an ending: The rise and fall of the promise of narrative. Opening Symposium of the Tampere Research Center Narrare on
Interdisciplinary narrative studies today. University of Tampere, Finland.

(August 2014). From episodic and semantic memory to narrative remembering.
2nd Berlin Symposion on Narrative Medicine: After the Neurotrauma - Narrative Approaches to Neurohabilitation. Panorama-Klinik Berlin, Germany.

(September 2013). If Wittgenstein’s lion could tell stories, could we understand them? On the cultural ethics of understanding. Conference on
The Ethics of Storytelling: War, Trauma, Vulnerability. University of Turku, Finland.

(August 2013). Narrative and clinical practice.
1st Berlin Symposion on Narrative Medicine: Narrative and Clinical Practice. Berlin, Germany.

(June 2013). Amour: Rethinking narrative identity. Conference on
A Narrative Future for Health Care, King’s College London, UK.

(June 2013). Witness seminar on
The Development of Narrative Practices in Medicine 1970-2000. Wellcome Trust, London, UK.

(April 2013). Old ideas: Theory of mind and narrative language games. The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) & CREATE Labs, New York University (NYU).

(December 2012). Narrative identity as a project of emotion. Conference on
Emotion and Cognition in Narrative: Self-Description as a Means of Shaping Identity. Marsilius Kolleg, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

(October 2012). Decentering memory. Conference on
Life with Dementia: Identity, Citizenship, Personhood. Norrköping, Sweden.

(September-October 2012). Remembering and forgetting: Exploring new scenarios. Lecture series, The Swedish Center for Memory and Dementia Research / Department of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of
Linköping / Stockholm, Sweden.

(September 2012). Nox: Anne Carson’s memory book. Department of Culture and Communication, University of
Linköping / Stockholm, Sweden.

(May 2012). Witnessing 9/11: Literary and everyday stories. Conference
Life and Narrative. The American University in Paris and the University of Paris Paris-Diderot, France.

(April 2012). Theory of mind, narrative, and culture [Teoria della mente, narrazione, e cultura] Department of Human Sciences (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane), University of Milano Bicocca,
Milan, Italy.

(March 2012). Understanding Aboriginal narratives (with Maria I. Medved). National Centre for Research Methods (Economic and Social Science Research Council of Great Britain), “Novella” Methodology Programme / Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

(February 2012). The art of remembering and forgetting. Graduate School of the University of the Arts London, UK.

(January 2012). Narrative and experience. Conference on
Narrative Coping with Threat, Trauma, and Loss. Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies / University of Freiburg, Germany.

(November 2011). Forgetting remembering: Film and memory. Closing Lecture of the Exhibition
Phantasmagoria: History and Memory through Film, Photography, and Installation. Dalnavert Museum, Winnipeg, Canada.

(August 2011). Writing and narrative. Conference on
Literacy Today. Monte Verita’, Ascona (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / ETH Zurich and Goethe University Frankfurt), Switzerland.

(July 2011). The origins of the narrative mind.
Hans Kilian Lecture, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.

(July 2011). The cultural development of the narrative mind. Lecture series
Cultural Psychology Today. Center of Development, Culture, and Psychology, Department of Human Sciences, University of Osnabrueck, Germany.

(June 2011). Narrative models. International conference on
Teaching Narrative and Teaching through Narrative, The Narrative Studies Network of the Nordic Countries, The University of Tampere, Finland.

(May 2011). Theory of mind, language, and culture [Teoria della mente, linguaggio e cultura] Department of Human Sciences (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane), University of Milano Bicocca,
Milan, Italy.

(April 2011). Illness, recovery, and meaning-making (with Maria Medved). Conference of the Society for Humanist Psychology, Chicago, IL.

(February 2011). Narrative psychology meets neuroscience: Exploring the autobiographical process. Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK.

(January 2011). Narrative time revisited. University of Tallinn, University of Tartu, The Estonian Academy of Arts, the Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, Estonia.

(November 2010). Fact and fiction: Exploring the narrative mind. Conference on The Travelling Metaphor of Narrative. The Finnish Institute, London.

(November 2010). Unravelling narrative meaning-making.
10th Anniversary of the Centre for Narrative Research, Karl Marx Memorial Library, London.

(September 2010). The origins of the interpretive mind. Department of Child and Youth Studies, University of Stockholm, Sweden.

(September 2010). Questions of meaning: Identity, time, and memory
. Conference on Dementia, Identity, and Personhood. Norrköping, Sweden.

(June 2010). The memory crisis and the digital revolution. Conference on Digital Memories. University of Sheffield, UK.

(April 2010). Discovering the interpretive mind: Narrative, autobiographical memory, and time. The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY).

(March 2010).
Memory, narrative, and neurocognition: Exploring common ground. Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada.

(December 2009). Commemoration and presence. Conference on
Music and Religion. Ev. Akademie des Rheinlands, Bonn.

(November 2009). Rethinking autobiographical memory. Conference on
Rethinking Narrative Identity. Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

(July 2009). Culture and development: Narrative scenarios. Lecture Series
Development and Culture. Institute of Development, Culture, and Psychology, Department of Human Sciences, University of Osnabruck, Germany.

(February 2009). Emotional memories. Conference on
Experience, Emotion, and Narrative. Sponsored by The Academy of Finland, Helsinki, Tampere, Finland

(January 2009). La memoria autobiografica: tra processo narrativo e sistema neurocognitivo. Department of Human Sciences (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane), University of Milan Bicocca.

(November 2008). Finding or losing one’s self? Research School Humanities and Social Sciences, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

(July 2008). Leben und Erzählen [Life and narrative]. Conference of
Neue Gesellschaft fur Psychologie, Berlin, Free University Conference Center.

(July 2008). Narrative and experience: A case study. Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Linkoping, Sweden.

(June 2008). The laboratories of the mind: Neuroscience and narrative. Conference on
Narrative and the Human Condition [Den Berättande Människan]. University of Linkoping, Sweden.

(June 2008). Teoria della mente, coscienza narrativa e la
community of minds [Theory of mind, narrative consciousness and the “community of minds”]. Department of Human Sciences (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane), University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

(May 2008). Il processo autobiografico, la memoria narrativa e il mondo culturale [Autobiographical process, narrative memory, and the cultural world]. Conference on
Autobiografia tra scienza e arte [Autobiography between Science and Art], Palazzo Strozzi, Florence. The Italian Society for the Study of Science and Literature [Società Italiana per lo Studio dei Rapporti tra Scienza e Letteratura], The Florence Center of Philosophy of Science [Centro Fiorentino di Filosofia della Scienza], and the Gabinetto Scientifico Letterario G. P. Vieusseux, Florence, Italy.

(May 2008). Memoria, narrazione, e la memoria culturale. Department of Social Sciences [Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali], University of Turin, Italy.

(January 2008). Memory and writing. Colloque
Écritures: sur les traces de Jack Goody. École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l’Information et des Bibliothèques, Lyon.

(November 2007). Autobiographical process and cultural world. Conference The Culturalization of the Self, Chemnitz University of Technology and The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanites, Essen, Germany.

(September 2007). Remembering Confucius: Autobiographical remembering as cultural practice. Conference
Human Identity and Cultural Difference in a Cross-cultural Perspective. Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Essen, Germany, and The Program of East Asian Classics and Cultures, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.

(June 2007). Understanding narrative memory.
Third Tampere Conference on Narrative, Tampere, Finland.

(May 2007). Investigating the autobiographical process. Lecture series
Controversies in Qualitative Research. National Centre for Research Methods of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) of Great Britain, University of Southampton, UK.

(May 2007). Memory, narrative, and the self. School of Social Science, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London, UK.

(March 2007). Analysing narrative time: A case study. Workshop on Narrative Analysis of the National Centre for Research Methods of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) of GB, School of Social Science, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London, UK.

(February - May 2007). In search of lost memory: Mind, brain and culture. Lecture Course. Collaboratory of the Social Sciences and Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.

(January 2007). Erinnern und Erzaehlen [Remembering and narrating]. Austrian Association for Psychoanalysis. Innsbruck, Austria

(October 2006). Lifetime and eternity. Centre for Theology and the Study of Religions, University of Lund, Sweden.

(June 2006). Magia, memoria autobiografica e altre construzioni del significato. [Magic, autobiographical memory, and other meaning constructions]. Department of Human Sciences (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane), University of Milan Bicocca.

(May 2006). At the limits of narrative: How to talk about 9/11. School of Humanities, King's College London.

(April 2006). Narrative Psychology today. Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education. New York University.

(November 2005). Language, experience, and the “traumatic gap.” Department of Psychology, Philosophy and Science Studies, Roskilde University/ Copenhagen.

(November 2005). Is there a time without present? Narrative, meaning, and temporality. Department of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of Tampere, Finland

(November 2005). Cognition, time, and narrative. Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Talk-in-Interaction, University of Linkoping, Sweden.

(October 2005). Bad stories: Towards a post-Aristotelean notion of narrative.
Interdisciplinary Lecture series on Narrative, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Linkoping.

(October 2005). The double narrator: The perspective of the adult child in autobiographical remembering. Department of Child Studies, University of Linkoping.

(September 2005). W. G. Sebald and the timelessness of memory. Lecture series Classic Thinkers and Scholars. Department of Communication Studies, University of Linkoping.

(September 2005). Tempo, spazio e narrazione: fra psicologia culturale e antropologia culturale [Time, space, and narrative: Between cultural psychology and cultural anthropology]. International conference on
Il soggetto, la mente e il mondo: Un confronto tra antropologi e psicologi sugli usi dell’etnografia [Subject, Mind, and World: A Meeting of Anthropologists and Psychologists]. Associazione Internazionale Ernesto de Martino, Scuola Estiva di Bassano Romano/University of Rome.

(June 2005). Zeit, Selbst und Jenseits. Überlegungen im Anschluss an einen Kulturvergleich europäischer und chinesischer Vorstellungen [Time, self, and transcendence: European and Chinese perspectives].
The Cultural Self II: Multicultural Perspectives. Department of Intercultural Communication, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany.

(May 2005). Il narratore raddoppiato: La prospettiva dell'adulto e del bambino nella memoria autobiografica [The double narrator: The perspective of the adult child in autobiographical remembering]. Department of Epistemology and Hermeneutics of Education, University of Milan Bicocca.

(April 2005). Narrative imagination. International Conference
Methods in Dialogue, Hemingford, Cambridge, UK, co-sponsered by the Centre for Narrative Research and the London East Research Institute, School of Social Science, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London.

(March 2005). The story of Aristotle’s journey to the Yukon elders and his happy return to the land of Euripides.
New Horizons of Knowledge Lecture. Faculty of Arts/Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

(February 2005). Between language and music.
RTÉ - National Broadcasting Cooperation of Ireland: Living Music Festival. Helix Arts Centre, Dublin.

(January 2005) Worte und Gefühle [Words and emotions]. Austrian Society for Psychoanalysis, Innsbruck.

(July 2004). Narrative and the emergence of the cultural self. International Conference on
The Cultural Self. University of Chemnitz.

(May 2004). Autobiographical memory as a cultural form. Columbia University Seminar Series
Beyond History and Memory. Co-sponsored by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, New York, and Columbia University.

(April 2004). Good stories and bad stories: The development of children's narrative imagination. Graduate Center, Department of Psychology, City University of New York.

(April 2004). Falling out of time: A case study in the narrative construction of human temporality. Lectures Series
Narrative Medicine. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York.

(March 2004). Culture in the mind: Development and the toolkit of language. Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

(January 2004). Warum erzählen wir? [Why do we tell stories?] Department of Psychology and Education, Freie Universität Berlin.

(July 2003). Handeln, Denken und Erzählen. Die narrative Wende in der Psychologie [Action, thought, and narrative: The narrative turn in psychology]. Faculty of Science, University of Innsbruck.

(May 2003). Life without time. Symposium
Broken Narratives. Vadstena, University of Linkoping, Sweden.

(May 2003). Understanding narrative. Department of Communication Studies. University of Linkoping.

(November 2002). First memories: Remembering the self in China and America. Graduate Faculty, New School University, New York.

(October 2002). Rewriting lives after the catastrophe: Identity construction in Cold War Germany. Eugene Lang College, New York.

(June 2002). Between brain and culture: New perspectives on memory. University Children's Hospital, Innsbruck.

(May 2002). Pathways of meaning. Department of Child Studies. University of Linkoping.

(February 2002). The narrative mode. Department of Applied Psychology, New York University.

(October 2001). Early forms of narrative coherence. Conference on
Cognition and Communication, New York University.

(June 2001). Mythische Imagination in der Musik [Mythical imagination in music]. Conference on
Der Komponist Hans Werner Henze [The Composer Hans Werner Henze]. University of Hamburg.

(September 2000). The many voices of myself: Identity as the center of narrative gravity. University of Campinas/São Paolo.

(June 2000) Modes of cultural communication: Orality and literacy. Conference on
Literacy and Cognition – Techniques of Remembering, Joint Research Center "Media and Cultural Communication" of the German National Research Agency [DFG], Universities of Cologne, Bonn, and Aachen (RWTH).

(May 2000). La costruzione narrativa dell'identita [The narrative construction of identity]. Department of Psychology, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

(May 2000). Gli inizi della memoria autobiografica del bambino. Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Milan.

(April 2000). What makes a story coherent? Department of Psychology, Harvard University.

(December 1999). Refletindo sobre a vida [Thinking through lives: Exploring autobiographical narrative]. Key Note Address, Conference on
A Construção da Identidade, University of Brasília.

(October 1999). The interface between life and narrative. Key Note Address,
XXIV Reunião Annual da Sociedade Brasiliera de Psicologia [XXIV National conference of the Brasilian Society of Psychology], University of Campinas/São Paolo.

(July 1999). Zeitkonstruktionen [Constructions of time]. Colloquium Psychologie und Postmoderne, Department of Psychology, Free University Berlin.

(April 1999). Un approccio culturale al discorso metalinguistico [A cultural approach to metalinguistic discourse] Conference
Ricerca, intervento e formazione in ambito psicoeducativo, Catholic University of Milan.

(April 1999) Deciphering the literacy episteme. Conference
Literacy and Conceptions of Language. University College, University of Toronto.

(March 1999). Psychological and literary models of autobiographical remembering.
Northrop Frye Lecture. Northrop Frye Centre, Victoria University Toronto.

(February 1999). Identity and time: Narrative models of human development.
Diefenbaker Award Lecture. Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, University of Toronto.

(October 1998). Il tempo della vita: Modelli del tempo nella narrazione autobiografica [The time of a life: Models of lifetime].
Bontadini Lecture, Catholic University of Milan.

(June 1998). Who writes the “texts” of national identity?
Fourth Congress of the International Society for Cultural Research and Activity Theory, University of Aarhus.

(April 1998). The culture of literacy.
Literacy Matters Lecture 1998, University of Toronto.

(April 1998). Structures of time in autobiographical remembering. Department of Psychology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

(November 1997). (J. Brockmeier and David R. Olson) What is a word? Faculty of Education, University of Calgary.

(October 1997). What is narrative psychology? Faculty of Psychology, University of Calgary.

(September 1997). Lo sviluppo metalinguistico nel bambino pre-scolare [Metalinguistic development in prescholers]. Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Milan.

(July 1997). Identität und autobiographisches Erzählen. [Identity and autobiographical narrative]. Department of Psychology, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg.

(April 1997). The autobiographical process and the Freudian culture of life history. Department of Education and Social Studies, Washington University, St. Louis, Miss.

(March 1997). Dialogical models of development. International Seminar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Dialogue and Development, University of Leipzig.

(January 1997). Personale Identität und autobiographischer Prozess [Personal identity and autobiographical process]. Philosophische Gesellschaft Innsbruck [Philosophical Society Innsbruck].

(January 1997). Raum und Zeit in der ästhetischen Erfahrung: Eine kulturpsychologische Perspektive [Space and time in aesthetic experience: A cultural-psychological perspective]. International Research Center for Cultural Studies, Vienna.

(October 1996). Wahrheit und Dichtung im autobiographischen Erzählen [Truth and fiction in autobiographical narrative]. Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig [German Institute of Literature], University of Leipzig.

(July 1996). The present of the past: Structures of time in autobiographical remembering.
Second International Conference on Memory. Abano Terme/ University of Padova, Italy.

(April 1996). Children's arguments: An Italian case study. Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, University of Toronto.

(March 1996). Conflict and communication. Conference
Discourses of Time, Space, and Culture, Center for the Study of Communication, Department of Communication Studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

(March 1996).The Freudian order of time. Department of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington, DC; and Institute for the Advanced Study in the Humanities, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

(January 1996). Streitgeschichten – Diskursive Formen der Konfliktbewältigung bei Kindern. Colloquium Developmental Psychology, Free University Berlin, and Max-Planck Institute of Human Development, Berlin.

(January 1996). Identität, Erinnerung, Kultur [Identity, memory, culture]. Austrian Society for Psychoanalysis.

(November 1995). La teoria della mente: Fra psicologia cognitiva e psicologia culturale [Understanding the theory of mind: Between cognitive and cultural psychology]. Catholic University Milan.

(October 1995) Krankheitserzählungen [Illness narratives]. Westfalian Clinic for Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychosomatic, Gütersloh.

(September 1995). Über Krankheit sprechen - Ein Randproblem in Medizin und Psychotherapie? [Talking about illness: A marginal problem in medicine and psychotherapy?] Department of Children and Youth Psychiatry and Neurology, University Children's Hospital, Innsbruck.

(May 1995). Talking about your past: A developmental perspective. Department of Psychology, The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.

(May 1995). Life is short: Critical remarks on the categories of subjective and objective time. Conference
Autobiography as a Psychological Method. Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

(April 1995). Words, things, and people: Varieties of realism in children's theory of language. Department of Psychology and Department of Education, Clark University, Worcester, Mass.

(April 1995). Spaces of meaning: Time and memory in architecture. Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies. College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.

(December 1994). Retrospective teleology in autobiography. International Research Center for Cultural Studies, Vienna.

(October 1994). Learning to talk about time: Narrative ways to temporal coherence. Department of Psychology, New York University.

(September 1994). Narrative psychology. International Research Center for Cultural Studies, Vienna.

(April 1994). Temporal communication and spatial interaction. Center for the Study of Communication, and Department of Communication Studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mass.

(March 1994). Architectural narratives. Conference The Science of Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion. Department of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

(March 1994). Philosophical and psychological models of time. Philosophy Centre, University of Oxford.

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