Assignments are voluntary (that is, for this course). If you are sure you understand the material, there is no need to do them, or (if you have done them) to submit them. If you do submit them for marking, they will count for a small percentage in the final grade, but only if that helps to improve your grade.

The idea of doing assignments is to make sure you understand the material. To do this, write out your arguments for a particular answer in full. These arguments are more important than your final answer. Often, you can argue for more than one answer, and it may not even be possible to make a clear choice. Give your arguments for and/or against each alternative in full, not just for the one you favour.

You get marks for the arguments you present, rather than the answer you finally arrive at. This is also true for the final written exam.

Electron counting due jan 29 6:00 pm
Main group metals, Characterization due feb 5, 6:00 pm
Electron counting (2) due feb 15, 12 am
Insertion Reactions due mar 12, 6 pm
Oxidative addition  
C-H activation, Ligand activation  
Carbenes, Metathesis  
Silyls and alkyls  
C-H activation, acetylenes