CHEM4680 - Lectures

Note: the course material is currently being revised. The new set of lectures notes is still incomplete.

"New" lecture notes (winter 2009)

Section in "Crabtree"
or "Elschenbroich"
CHEM 4680 Roadmap   PDF

Counting Electrons

C ch 2 PDF
General Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry   PDF
Main Group Metal Organometallics   PDF
OrganoLithium Compounds E p 15-56 PDF
OrganoMagnesium Compounds   PDF
OrganoSilicon Compounds E p 75-146 PDF
III-V Clusters   PDF
Characterization of Organometallic Complexes C ch 10 PDF
Transition Metal Organometallics C ch 3-5 PDF

Ligand Substitution

C ch 5 PDF
Insertion and Elimination C ch 7 PDF

Oxidative Addition and Reductive Elimination

C ch 6 PDF

Olefin Metathesis

C ch 11,12 PDF

"Old" lecture notes (2006-2008)

Section in "Crabtree"
or "Elschenbroich"

Hot Topics


Summary: Common reaction types


Special topic: Olefin Polymerization Catalysis

C ch 12