b-Diiminate Complexes

b-Diiminates are wonderful ligands:

Most b-diiminate chemistry reported over the last decade is about main group metals and first-row transition metals. There are only a few groups working on the heavier transition metals: Goldberg (Pt), Chirik (Ir) and our own group (Rh,Ir); the results are at least as interesting as for the lighter metals.

Formally, the b-diiminate anion is a 4-electron s-donor, but much of its chemistry can be rationalized more easily by assuming that the ligand is also a strong p-donor. Thus, it shows definite analogies with Cp* in its chemistry with Rh and other metals.

We are currently exploring the remarkable chemistry of this ligand with the platinum metals. For relevant papers, see numbers 56, 57, 61, 62, 73, 76 of my publication list.