Reference Points

The following points are part of the City of Winnipeg survey points and were provided by the Dept. of City Planning. These represent points on University property and by Assiniboine Park that can be used to validate locations. They are identified with a brass cap but you may have to search a little. Locations are provided in NAD 83 (1990), UTM projection, Zone 14. Elevation is in meters.

UofM Points

84R611  77-023
14U E 633684.127 N 5519116.802  232.472 m
U Cres. And Dysart Rd. in median of U Cres.  Tblt. On top of 0.05m
diam 2.4m iron pipe, 6m E. of C.L. of Conc. Pav't of S. bound traffic
lanes of U. Cres. & 3.7m S. of C.L. Conc. Pav't on Dysart Rd. Produced
from the E.

84R612  77-024
14U E 633826.611 N 5518866.611 232.390 m
U Cres & Chancellor Matheson Rd. in valve box, Tblt. On top of 0.05m
diam x 2.4m iron pipe, 7.9m S. of N.L. of Chancellor Matheson Rd. &
22.9m W. E.L. of University Cres

84R613  77-025
14U E 634043.001 N 5518464.986 232.488 m
S. side of S. leg of Freedman Cres. & U Cres. Tblt on top of 0.05m dia
x2.4m iron pipe. 26.2m S. of S. wall & 34.4m E. of most Ely. Wall of
MB Ag Serv Complex 545 U Cres. Or 28.5m W. of W.L. of U Cres. Produced
from the south & 3.0 m N. of S.L. of University of Manitoba.

84R614  77-026
14U E 634328.821 N 5518630.609
E. side of Kings Dr. & N of S.L. of UofM. Tblt on top of 0.05m
dia. 2.4m iron pipe 5.4m N of chain link fence on S.L. of U property &
3m W. of E.L. of Kings Dr. produced from the S.

Assiniboine Park

233 (654233)  50-009
14U E 627247.005 N 5525360.140 234.327m
Corydon Ave. & Shaftesbury Blvd., in median, Tblt. in 7.6m Conc pile,
beneath Valve Box in left turn lane 4.2m S. of C.L. of W. bound traffic
lane of Corydon Ave. & 10.4m E. of C.L. of Pav't. of Shaftesbury Blvd.,
or 2.0m E. of E.L. of Shaftesbury Blvd. produced from the S. & 25.6m N
of S.L. of Corydon Ave.

84R521  50-045
14U E 627230.424 N 5525370.861  234.628m
N. side of Corydon Ave. at Shaftesbury Blvd., Tblt on top of
0.05mdia x 2.4m iron pipe, in valve box, 4.6m S. of N.L. of Corydon Ave.
& 25.3m E. of W.L. of Shaftesbury Blvd, produced from the S.

The following are two additional points near Assiniboine Park. These are part of the Geodetic Survey of Canada as vertical control points; the horizontal co-ordinates are no longer maintained and are scaled so they may not be accurate. They are also found in the survey points from the city of Wpg but without horizontal co-ordinates. The horizontal co-ordinates in GSC are a considerable distance from the actual marker location (apox. 80m & 30m respectively).

74M629  74-M-629    (This is same marker as Wpg 50-001 74M629)
Latitude : N490 52' 30" Longitude : W970 13' 52"
UTM :   Zone = 14     N = 5526233 m     E = 627104 m
Elevation : 230.696 m Vertical Datum : CGVD28

Deep bench mark in manhole at assiniboine park, community of assiniboine
park, 47.2 m south of walk-bridge over red river in line with centre line
of bridge, 24.7 m south of centre line of roadway along north side of park,
12.5 m south of a lamp standard, 12.5 m east of a large elm tree, and 5.5 m
west of sidewalk to food pavilion.

D.B.M in Assiniboine Park, 53.3m S. of S. end of Conc. walk bridge over
Assiniboine River, 12.5m S. of 1st lamp standard S. of bridge, on line with
C.L. of bridge and lamp standard.

74M801   DH&B   (This is the same marker as Wpg 50-002  H.D. and B. Ltd)
Latitude : N490 52' 23"  Longitude : W970 13' 12"
UTM :   Zone = 14     N = 5526030 m     E = 627900 m
Elevation : 232.326 m Vertical Datum : CGVD28

Pump platform at northeast entrance to assiniboine park, wellington
crescent at park boulevard, community of assiniboine park, tablet in top of
4.9 m by 3.7 m concrete platform, 0.3 m west and 15 cm north of southeast
corner of platform, at ground level. established by city of winnipeg.

Tblt. on top of Conc. standpipe platform near E. gate of Assiniboine Park,
approx. 10.7m N. of C.L. of Pav't. of Centre Dr. 0.2m N. of S. edge of
platform, 5.8m E. of E. gate and fense line, approx on line, with C.L. of
Pav't. of Park Blvd., & 0.3m W. of E. edge of platform

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