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Bryophyte Flora of Manitoba

This list represents the mosses and liverworts found in Manitoba, Canada. The moss section (Bryophyta) is based on species found in the checklist of mosses of Canada for Manitoba. The liverwort section (Hepatophyta) comes from several sources starting with Bird (1973) with a number of followup publications.

A number of moss species are included in this list that are not found on the checklist for Manitoba. Mosses marked with an asterisk are found in Ontario and Saskatchewan, or are mosses that may occur based on distribution elsewhere (e.g. circumpolar) or are suggested in the literature.

* Additional species found in Ontario, or Saskatchewan.
** Additonal species that may be found.

A flora of the vascular plants of Manitoba is also available at A partial lichen flora of Manitoba is available at


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Other references - I don't have copies of these but they can be found in libraries or inter-library loan.

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With thanks to Dr. James Ehnes (ECOSTEM ltd.) for supplying further information on species that may occur in Manitoba.

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