The Burgener Proteomics Lab

The Proteomics Team

Adam Burgener, PhD
Principle Investigator

Research Scientist at the JC Wilt Infectious Disease Research Centre, Public Health Agency of Canada.

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Manitoba

Visiting Professor, Department of Medicine Solna, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Research Associates

John Schellenberg, PhD
Research Associate at the University of Manitoba

Primary research interests include phylogenetic and functional/ecological analysis of organisms in the vaginal microbiota, including Lactobacillus, Gardnerella and Prevotella, combining culture-based techniques with omics to build a global view of microbiome/host interactions in the female genital tract.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Alicia Berard (PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow

Alicia specializes in molecular biology and the proteomic analysis of viral infections. She is currently working on novel ways of modelling of mucosal infection in vitro

Peter McQueen (PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow

Peter holds a strong expertise in mass spectrometry. His work focuses on developing novel proteomic methods for data independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry, analysis of post translational modifications, and metabolomics.

Christina Farr Zuend (PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow

Christina’s research is focused on investigating mucosal and microbial factors that contribute to HIV susceptibility in adolescent women, as well as elucidating mucosal correlates of vaccine effecacy to better design prevention options.

Graduate Students

Michelle Perner
Graduate Student

Michelle is a PhD student at the University of Manitoba. She studies vaginal secretions from women in South Africa who participated in a clinical trial, which tested the efficacy of a vaginal gel containing tenofovir, an anti-HIV drug, to prevent HIV infection.

Research Personell

Kenzie Birse (MSc.)
Research Manager

Kenzie is the lab's research manager. Her specific research intrests include the influence of the microbiome and menstrual cycle on women's health and susceptibility to infectious diseases. Kenzie received both her Master of Science (Medical Microbiology, Feb 2016) and Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences, Oct 2012) from the University of Manitoba.

Laura Romas (MSc.)
Bioinformatic Analyst

Laura is the lead bioinformatic analyst with the Proteomics Team. Her research interests include understanding the role of the GI mucosa in disease susceptibility, developing/improving HIV prevention therapeutics, and she has a passion for big data.

Technical Staff

Max Abou
Laboratory Technician
Lauren Girard
Research Assistant

Co-op Students

Trisha Vera
Co-op Student


Lani Kotyrba
Co-op Student

Past Lab Members

Irene Xie
BSc. Medical Student

Matthew Cook

Jennifer Butler
Co-op Student
Liane Arcinas
Medical Student

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