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Welcome to The Psychology of Women!

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Interesting links—Women in the News:

Can women have it all?

Link (are women and men different species?)

The Implicit Association Test (Take the IAT Website)

The David Reimer Case

Female boxers to wear skirts

Media website (critically thinking about the media website mentioned in film on Jan 26th)

Take the Bem-Sex-Role-Inventory online

Anxiety during Pregnancy

Breastfeeding rates in Canada

             Benefits of Breastfeeding (Canada and US)

Predicting Fertility (As we discussed in class, most women do not ovulate on day 14. So how can a woman understand when she actually does ovulate? This links details signs of ovulation which is useful to women both when trying to avoid pregnancy and when trying to achieve pregnancy.)

March 8th is International Women’s Day!

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             IWD website