CAPSI-Taught Courses
All students using CAPSI should read the instructional manual and study guide for each specific course in which they are enrolled, which will be available for download online once you have accessed the CAPSI program. Instructions for how to do this are included in the General Manual below.

Please note: When downloading the manual in PDF format, it is recommended that you download them to your computer by RIGHT-clicking over the link with your mouse cursor, then select "Save target as..." before opening it!!

This manual is available for purchase at the University of Manitoba Bookstore; you may also download it here for free.

There is a very important section in the CAPSI General Manual on Academic Dishonesty. Please review it. There have been several instances of close-calls with cheating in the past couple semesters. I encourage you to work on your answers with classmates; however, your submitted answers on unit tests should be in your own words and not word-for-word if you have worked together. Try to use your own examples or modify the examples. Let me know if you have any questions