Janice Compton

Department of Economics, University of Manitoba


I am an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Manitoba. I recieved my PhD from Washington University in St. Louis and hold a Graduate Certificate in New Institutional Social Sciences from the Center for New Institutional Social Sciences. My research interests include family migration and proximity, women's labour force status, economic demography and related labour topics.

What's New

I'm participating in a panel discussion on Employment Insurance. June 10th at McNally Robinson.

I presented my work on The Labour Supply of Military Wives in Guelph and co-author and UManitoba honours student Breann Whitby presented the paper at the CEA conference in Toronto.

Check out my blog (with Ryan) on hockey and economics Hockey Night in Headingley.

In the middle of summer research - it's never as productive as I want it to be!

The CAUT Report and Responses

The CAUT recently released a biased, unsubstantiated report on the UManitoba Economics Department. The report can be found here.

NEW: A majority of faculty in the economics department respond to CAUT in an open letter here.

President Barnard's response to the report can be found here.

I wrote a response the the article on our blog, here.

Another blog by Higher Education Strategy Associates on how this report cheapens academic freedom can be found here.

Current Research

I have a number of projects on my desk. One looks at the link between tipping and discrimination in the labour force. The second, joint with Lindsay Tedds, examines the effect of economic policy on the seasonality of births. I'm writing a paper with Breann Whitby on Migration and Military Wives and doing some work with Bob Pollak on Social Security and Couples' retirement decisions. I'll post working papers when available.

My CV is here

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