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The model simulates several vessels exploiting a patchily distributed fish resource (crab). This version is based upon vessels fishing from a central place ( a port ) with travel costs and perfect information on spatial fish abundance. Fishing destination is set probabilistically based upon abundance ( probablistic IFD ), and fishing relocation occurs when local abundance drops below the mean ( approximate MVT ). The goal of the model is to examine inseason abundance changes and catch rates to examine spatial patterns in fishing mortality to be compared to historical data.


Press the Initialize Simulation button above, and then the Run Simulation button. The simulation can be paused by pressing the Run Simulation button again ( and restarted the same way ). You can follow the progression in spatial crab distribution (variance) and abundance (mean) by following the boxes and graphs on the right. At the end of a simulated season the amount of crab "banked" by each boat is displayed.

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