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Else von Freytag-Loringhoven's & F.P. Greve/Grove's

1904/5 "Fanny Essler" Project
(Seven Poems + a Novel)

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Greve's letter to Gide, Oct. 1904, about "his" Fanny Essler plans [Greve explains: "Je sommes trois..."]  --  Seven Poems in Die Freistatt, Aug. & Oct. 1904, March 1905 [100th Anniversary e-Ed. with English translation, CONTENTS]  --  The Central Three Sonnets about Greve [facsim.; later FrL's poem "Schalk"]  --  Greve's Novel Fanny Essler, 1905: HIS Form/HER Content [Bison Catalogue Entry; 1986 Eng.Tr.]  --  Two "Fanny Essler" Poems by FrL, UMaryland Collection:"Schalk" [expanded version the three 1904/5 Sonnets about Greve to] & "Du" [shortened version of Fanny Essler poem no. 7, "Husum 1902"]  -- The Viennese Dancer Fanny Elssler: 1840 Lithograph by Leybold in Broom, 1922  --  FrL's Comments about Greve's novel & her 1903/4 poetry in her Autobiography

Arachne Article
about the 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' Complex in Poetry & Prose / Gaby Divay [Revised e-Edition]

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by 'Fanny Essler'

published in 1904/5
Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven
[then divorced Endell] & her husband's former friend Felix Paul Greve under their joint pseudonym in three issues of the Journal
Die Freistatt

Centennial German e-Edition
with parallel translations into English
on occasion of the

100th Anniversary
of "Fanny Essler's" third and last instalment of "her" Poetry Cycle
in Die Freistatt on March 25, 1905

©March 25, 2005

'Fanny Essler's' Seven Poems
Aug & Oct 1904 & March 25, 2005

Gedicht 1 -- Parallel Texts -- Poem 1
(August 1904/Summer 2002/3)

Gedicht 2 -- Parallel Texts -- Poem 2
(August 1904/Summer 2002/3)

Gedichte III & IV & V -- Poems III & IV & V
Ein Porträt: Drei Sonette / One Portrait: Three Sonnets
(October 1904 / Summer 2002/3)

1. Sonett    HANDS: Parallel Texts 3      1st Sonnet

2. Sonett    EYES: Parallel Texts 4          2nd Sonnet

3. Sonett    MOUTH -- Parallel Texts 5   3rd Sonnet

Ein Porträt: Drei Sonette (Facsimile, Die Freistatt Jg.6, 1904)

Gedicht 6 -- Parallel Texts -- Poem 6
(March 1905/Summer 2002/3)

Gedicht 7 -- Parallel Texts -- Poem 7
(March 1905/Summer 2002/3)


How to cite this Centennial e-Edition
Essler, Fanny [pseud.]. Gedichte/Drei Sonette: Ein Porträt/Gedichte.
Centennial e-Edition by Gaby Divay. English Translation by Jan Horner & Gaby Divay
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