"Carefully watch your thoughts, for they will become your words and actions"  Mahatma Ghandi


Instructional Materials:

Enns, C. J., Zimmer, K., Boudreault, P., Rabu, S. & Broszeit, C. (2013). American Sign Language: Receptive Skills Test. Winnipeg, MB: Northern Signs Research, Inc.

    Link to Northern Signs Research Website for more information

Bilingual Language Arts Activity Kits:

Here is a resource for teachers who want to use good quality literature to teach grammatical structures. There are 10 different topics (grammar structures) and each one includes five different children's books and suggested teaching activities for how to use these books in the classroom. Feel free to download the complete set or individual kits as appropriate for your needs. If you use these kits with your students, I would appreciate your feedback - what worked and what didn't work? Do you have any suggestions for improving the activities? or for additional books or resources? Please be in touch through my email address: ennscj@cc.umanitoba.ca
Thank you!
Complete Set of Bilingual Language Arts Activity Kits

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Numbers

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Prepositions

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Adjectives

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Past Tense Verbs

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Progressive Verbs

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Adverbs

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Questions

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Modal Verbs

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Figurative Language

Bilingual LA Activity Kit - Dialogue

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