Undergraduate Courses

  • EDUB 1050   Early Years Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics 1
  • EUDB 2050   Early Years Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics 2
  • EDUB 1140   Introduction to Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Years
  • EDUB 1250   Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Years
  • EDUB 2140   Teaching Mathematics in the Senior Years
  • EDUB 3050   Middle Years Learners and Learning
  • EDUB 3054   Introduction to Teaching Mathematics in Middle Years 1
  • EDUB 5220   K-9 Mathematics Education – Manitoba’s New Curriculum
  • EDUB 5220   Education for Sustainability - What is Sustainability?
  • EDUB 5230   Education for Sustainability - Teaching and Learning for Sustainability
  • EDUB 5470   Understanding K-8 School Mathematics for Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction
  • EDUB 5770   Diagnosis and Remediation in Elementary School Mathematics
  • EDUB 5800   Introduction to Educational Research

Graduate Courses (including student-initiated courses)

  • EDUB 5800    Introducation to Educational Research    
  • EDUB 7480    Advanced Seminar in Mathematical Diagnosis and Remedy
  • EDUB 7370    Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics
  • EDUB 7370    Approaches to Curriculum in Science and Mathematics Education
  • EDUC 7050    Critical Theorizing about Education
  • EDUC 7050    Critical Research Methodologies in Education
  • EDUB 7330    Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction    
  • EDUB 7340    Education for Sustainability – What is Sustainability?
  • EDUB 7340    Teacher Professional Development: Teacher Learning, Approaches, and Contexts
  • EDUB 7350    Education for Sustainability – Teaching and Learning for Sustainability
  • EDUB 7350    Teacher Induction and Mentoring
  • EDUB 7350    Philosophizing as a Way toward Flourishing and Well-Being
  • EDUB 7350    Inquiry into Numeracy in Early Education
  • EDUB 7350    Teacher Professional Developpment - Autonomy and Responsibility   
  • EDUB 7360    Moving toward Sustainable Well-Being: Historical and Contemporary Conceptions of Sustainability and Well-Being   
  • EDUA 7200    Philosophy of Education   
  • EDUA 7860    Advanced Topics in Educational Research: Philosophical Inquiry
  • EDUA 7860    Advanced Topics in Educational Research: Mixed Resaerch Methods in Education


Graduate Students

Thesis Supervisor

  • Wiens, Crystal, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2014; "A Framework for Imaginative adn Caring Schools: A Better Way Towards Serving the Needs of Adolescent Girls"
  • Cannon, Kim, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2013; "Exploring Learning Conditions for Adult Learners in a Mathematics Course in Manitoba from a Critical Perspective"
  • McIntosh, Blaine, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2011; “Shifting Attention in Mathematics: Developing Problem Solving Abilities Through Problem-Solving Groups”
  • Schilling, Katarina, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2009;, “Oral Mathematics in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: A Study on the Impact of Oral Mathematics Drill Activities on Grade 9 Students’ Learning of Mathematics”
  • Skyhar, Candy, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2009; “Viewing Learning as Complex Participation in a Community of Practice Characterized by Mathematical Inquiry”

Thesis Advisory Committee Member

  • Colatruglio, Sarah, M.Sc. (Department of Human Nutritional Sciences; thesis); completed 2014; "Understanding Food Literacy from Perceptions of Young Canadian Adults: A Qualitative Study"
  • Matthews, Tracey, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2013; "Why Did I Mark That? Understanding the Assessment of Student Learning Through Self-Study”
  • Long, David, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2012; "The Manifold & Intention Curriculum Model: A Way to Create and Evaluate Curriculum"
  • Vogt, Rose, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2011; “Co-Constructing Collaborative Classrooms: Novice and Veteran Teachers Perceptions of Working with Educational Assistants"
  • Janzen Roth, Evan, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2011; “Pattern Math: A Design Experiment of Mathematical Inquiry”
  • Woodard, Randall, M.Ed. (thesis); completed, 2010; “An Exploratory Study of the Utility for Educational Leaders of Anders K. Ericsson’s Theory of Expert Performance within the Domain of Service to Others “
  • Hirst, Andy, M.Ed. (thesis); completed 2007; “’To Thine Own Self Be True’: One Teacher’s Self-Study of the Tensions and Processes Involved in Changing His Identity When Teaching Non-Traditional Mathematics Students”
  • Reimer, Anne, M.Ed (thesis); completed 2005; "“Balancing Understanding and Skills Development in Mathematics Teaching: Giving Voice to Student Perceptions”



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