University of Manitoba Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources 

Mostafa Fayek 

Canada Research Chair in Isotope & Environmental Geochemistry

Geological Sciences
Dr. Mostafa Fayek
Mailing Address: Department of Geological Sciences
240 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Office: 339 Wallace Building
Telephone: 204 474 7982 (Central Time)
Fax: 204-474-7623


  1. Fluid-rock interaction -- Use light and heavy stable isotopes to trace element cycling between the Earth’s crust, the hydrosphere, and biosphere. Apply in situ analytical techniques to study tectonics, the timing of basin fluid migration in sedimentary environments, base-metal deposits, and the geochronology of uranium deposits and natural fission reactors. Study actinide migration in near surface environments and the kinetics of light stable isotope exchange in minerals.
  2. Nanoscience -- Couple nano- and micro-scale analyses to nanostructures in engineered and natural materials to characterize fluid-solid interfaces.
  3. Biogeoscience -- Study bacterial reduction of heavy metals, characterize nanoscale bio-precipitated minerals using SIMS and HRTEM techniques, and predict the stability of these phases based on their structure and thermodynamic modeling.
  4. Archaeometry -- The application of isotopic tracers in archaeological studies. For example using stable isotopes to identify and track Mesoamerican turquoise trade routes.

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  • Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, 1996, Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry
  • B.Sc. Honors, Carleton University, 1989, Geology and Chemistry

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University Course Title/No Level Semester/Year Description
Manitoba Geol 7540 Grad Fall 2007 Fluid Inclusions
Manitoba Geol 4270 4th Yr. Fall 2007 Stable Isotope Systems
Manitoba Geol 7540 Grad Winter 2006 Isotope Geology & Geochronology
Manitoba Anthro 6794 Grad Fall 2006 Selected Topics in Southwestern United States Archaeology


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  • Samuel Angiboust (M.Sc. Candidate Univ. Manitoba)
  • Patrick Solylo (M.Sc. Candidate Univ. Manitoba)
  • Charles Beshears (M.Sc. Candidate Univ. Manitoba)
  • Alba Luz Saucedo (M.Sc. Candidate Univ. Manitoba)
  • Sharon Hull (Ph.D. Candidiate Univ. Manitoba)
  • Matthew Scholz (Ph.D. Candidiate Univ. Tennessee)


  • Sharon Hull (M.A. Candidate, UT-ENMU)
    Sourcing turquoise using H and Cu isotopes. Graduated Spring, 2006.
  • Janna Peevler (M.Sc. University of Tennessee)
    Sulfur Isotope Microanalysis of Sphalerite by SIMS: Constraints on the Genesis of Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization from the Mascot-Jefferson City District, East Tennessee. Graduated Fall, 2001.

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  • Robert Duff (Univ. Manitoba honors student, 2007)
  • Laura Bergen (Univ. Manitoba summer student, 2007)
  • Elaine Salter (Univ. Manitoba summer student, 2007)
  • Alba Luz Saucedo (UT-ORNL summer student, 2005)
  • C. Jamie Phillips (UT-ORNL summer student, 2004)

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