PhD Students


Chami Amarasinghe – PhD Candidate

Areas of Research: Evaluating the toxin biosynthesis genes in Fusarium graminearum- the main causal agent of fusarium head blight in wheat.

Xuehua Zhang-PhD Candidate

Area of research: Characterization of resistance genes in Canola against Blackleg pathogen.

Cunchun Yang-PhD Student

Area of research: Understanding the hormon signalling in Canola- L. maculans pathosystem.

Harunur Rashid – PhD Student

Area of research: Canola-Blackleg pathosystem, with the emphasis on disease resistance. Current Project: Molecular Strategies for Improving Brassica napus Resistance to Leptosphaeria maculans. For details visit this link

Rasanie Padmathilake-PhD Student

Area of research: Idntification and characterization of resistance genes and avirulence genes in Canola- L. maculans pathosystem.