FPG & E.v.Freytag-Loringhoven

Else & Greve arrested in Pittsburgh
September 17, 1910:
Else von Freytag-Loringhoven & Felix Paul Greve in the New York Times News (Text)

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"She Wore Men's Clothes:
On Walking Tour with Husband, Mrs. Greve Explains --
Police Let Couple Go

"Pittsburg [sic!], Mrs. Elsie Greve, recently of New York, but formerly of Berlin, was arrested in crowded Fifth Avenue this forenoon while walking by the side of her husband, F. P. Greve of New York, dressed in men's clothes and puffing a cigarette. Both Mrs. Greve and her husband were taken, protesting, to the central police station and locked up as suspicious persons. / Both Greve and his wife asserted that they were subjects of Germany, had done no wrong, and intended no wrong. If they were not released speedily, they would appeal to the German Ambassador at Washington to-morrow morning, they said. Whether this threat was considered or not is not known, but this evening it was announced at Police Headquarters that Mrs. Greve and her husband had been allowed to leave the police station and go on their way, and that Supt. of Police McQuaide issued a letter to the pair setting forth that Mrs. Greve and her husband were all right and that the woman was wearing men's clothes only because she could walk better and keep up with her husband, who was walking out his vacation."

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