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FPG (Greve/Grove)'s European Correspondence

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Abbreviations & Chronology

Unless otherwise indicated, all letters by Greve are manuscript or typescript documents which were obtained for the University of Manitoba Archival FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections over many years from various archives, libraries, special collections, or private hands. Details of their origins, extent, importance and provenance are fully listed in the comprehensive "Sources" section of the Bibliography [under development].

Grove's earliest letters to Isaak J. Warkentin have been included here, because of their German content: Warkentin was a student in Leipzig when FPG wrote to him from Winkler, Manitoba, in 1913/14. Especially the fifth & last letter in this correspondence addresses German conditions & politics, beyond having confessional character.

By far the most common format of Greve's known correspondence are manuscript letters which are left unmarked, while typed letters are marked "TY", postcards are marked "PC", and telegrams are marked "TE."

A few revealing accounts, reports, remarks or observations ABOUT Greve (and also, occasionally, about his companion Else during their relationship from 1902 to 1911) in letters, private journals, diaries, autobiographical notes, newspaper accounts, etc. by Greve's European contemporaries have been integrated in the chronological sequence of his letters. They are marked "MI" for "miscellaneous."

Else von Freytag-Loringhoven's reminiscences, written for Djuna Barnes from Berlin during 1923 and 1926, abound with details about her affair with Greve up to the time he left her near Sparta, Kentucky. Relevant passages are marked "FrL."

List of Abbreviations

BL 1905 Letter by Felix Paul Greve to Franz Blei (Pacey)
BR 1907 Letter & AutobiographicaL Sketch to Brümmer
GE 1902-1909 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to Stefan George
GI 1903-1909 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to André Gide
GU 1902 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to Friedrich Gundolf
IN 1902-1909 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to the Insel Verlag
LE 1902 Letter by Felix Paul Greve to Melchior Lechter
SC 1904-1907 Letters by Felix Paul Greve & O. A. H. Schmitz
WE 1903-1907 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to H. G. Wells
WO 1901-1902 Letters by Felix Paul Greve to Karl Wolfskehl

MI 1902-1909 Miscellaneous Letters ABOUT Felix Paul Greve
FrL ca. 1923 Else von Freytag-Loringhoven's Views, 1902-1911

WA 1913/14 Frederick Philip Grove to Iaak J. Warkentin, 1913/14

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