Criticism about FPG & FrL
(Greve/Grove & Else von Freytag-Loringhoven)

Biographical Aspects about FPG & FrL

FPG Chronology [9p.] & a Brief FPG Biography [3p.]
[UM Archives' FPG & FrL Website]

Annotated e-Texts or e-Documents

Greve's 1907 autobiographical sketch for Brümmer's Lexicon
[resulting in a short "posthumous" FPG entry in the 1913 Edition]

Grove's 1925 autobiographical sketch for Settlers of the Marsh
[a prelude to his invented past in A Search for America, 1927]

Grove's Motto "Ça vous amuse, la vie?"
on the Title-page of  his 1946 Autobiography In Search of Myself

Else's Pittsburgh Arrest, September 1910
[NYT note & commentary; mentions her husband F. P. Greve as well]

Gide's Impressions of Greve in June 1904:
"Conversation avec un allemand"
edited by Claude Martin, in BAAG Oct. 1974
e-Ed., in French & Eng, ©gd, UMA, 2001
This key-document mentions FrL in more than one ways:
Greve buys Henna for her in Paris, & his astounding 'Fanny Essler' Plans in poetry & prose are explained in an appended letter of Oct. 1904

Articles, Introductions, etc.

Felix Paul Greve/Frederick Philip Grove's Passage to America in 1909: The October 1998 Discovery of the Author's Arrival [ca. 20 p.]

Else in FPG's first two Canadian novels (Settlers & Jane Atkinson)
Power Point Presentation [56 slides], Dec. 2004, for UW German-Canadian Studies Lectures

"Fanny Essler" in Poetry & Prose, 1904/5

Fanny Essler's 1904/5 poems: Greve's or Freytag-Loringhoven's?
Article about Else & Greve's joint pseudonym, their collaboration along [his] FORM & [her] CONTENT lines, and FrL's later use of these poems [ca. 50 p.]]

FPG (Greve/Grove)'s Poetry

Introduction to the 1993 FPG Poetry Edition [ca. 64 p.]
[describes the sources in the UM Archives' FPG Collections; the biographical contexts of FPG's German & Canadian poems, the 1904/5'Fanny Essler' poems, reflections of FPG in FrL's poetry, & particularly, a reference to their "Sparta, Kentucky" life in 1910/11]

Introduction to the 2006/7 e-Edition of FPG's & 'Fanny Essler's Poetry, and related Freytag-Loringhoven Poems

FrL's German Poetry about her Contemporaries

Abrechnung & Aufarbeitung im Gedicht
[article about her satirical poems about Endell & Ernst Hardt,
e-published in German & English on the UMA Website]

See also:
Fanny Essler's Poems & the Introduction to FPG's Poetry Edition

Greve's Translations

English and French Decadents in Germany:
Felix Paul Greve's Translations of Wilde, Gide & Wells, 1902-1909 [9p]

Felix Paul Greve's first & last Translations, 1898 & 1909:
Dante's Vita Nuova & Swift's "Modest Proposal" [ca. 20p.]

Felix Paul Greve's Translations, 1902-1909:
their Reception in Contemporary Journals [13p.]

Greves Beziehung zum Insel-Verlag, 1902-1909 [8p.]

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