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Revised Edition ©2005

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Jane Atkinson
a Novel

Frederick Philip Grove

from an unpublished Typescript in the Grove Collection

Revised Edited prepared by Gaby Divay

University of Manitoba, Archives & Special Collections

Jane Atkinson Title-Page
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In lieu of an INTRODUCTION
"Grove's Jane Atkinson: References to FPG's Munich Days in 1901/2"
A Power-Point Presentation (27 slides, ill.) / by Gaby Divay, ©October 2000

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The original typescript of
Jane Atkinson by Frederick Philip Grove
is an unpublished Typescript in F. P. Grove Collection: Mss 2, Box 13, Folders 5-8.
Dates of composition: ca. 1925, concurrent with the Author's Settlers of the Marsh (1925)

How to cite this 2nd e-Edition of Jane Atkinson:
Grove, Frederick Philip. Jane Atkinson: A Novel. Edited from the Typescript in the University of Manitoba Grove Collections.
Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, Archives & Special Collections, ©2000, rev. 2005.
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About the Author FPG (Greve/Grove): Biographical Sketch & Chronology

The initial electronic edition of Jane Atkinson from FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections was prepared in 2000 by Gaby Divay & Jan Horner as part of a pilot project for further FPG & FrL e-publications.
It was generously funded by a UM Program Development Grant, with additional support from the FPG & FrL Endowment Fund.

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