FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL e-Editions

by or related to
(Felix Paul (Greve / Frederick Philip Grove)

(Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven)

based on Books & Documents
held in
UM Archives & Special Collections


Frederick Philip Grove

Canadian Works

A Search for America
(2005 e-Ed.)

In Search of Myself
(2007 e-Ed.)

Settlers of the Marsh

(e-Edition adapted from Project Gutenberg text, 2008/9)

Jane Atkinson
(2005 e-Ed.)

Frederick Philip Grove

Canadian Correspondence

A. L. Phelps
(ca. 155)

Two Letters by Thomas Mann, 1939
[ills., I+II]
(in response to Grove's complimentary copies of ASA & Two Generations)

Five Letters to Isaak Warkentin, 1913/14
(one long & confessional)

All printed in: Pacey, FPG's Letters, 1976
Since 2006, also in UMA Immigration Database

Letter to H. G. Wade
pasted in RBR copy of Settlers of the Marsh, 1925

Two Letters to Keith Crouch, ca. 1930
donated by Crouch's son Keith Crouch, Kingston, Ont., in 2008/9

FPG (Greve/Grove)

Greve's German & Grove's English Poetry

FPG e-Poetry Edition
Gedichte von Greve & 'Fanny Essler'
Gedichte & Poems by Grove
German Poems by Else von Freytag-Loringhoven
related to Greve & their joint Fanny Essler pseudonym

2007/8 e-Ed.

1993 Introduction
with 186 Notes, Bibliography, Tables & Concordances

Felix Paul Greve

German Works

Sonnets from Dantes Vita Nuova
(6 mss Poems, 1898, Stefan George Archiv)
e-Facsimile Ed. 2009

Das Jahr der Wende
(mss Poems, Nov. 1901)
e-Facsimile Ed. 2008

Helena und Damon: ein Spiel in Versen


Fanny Essler: ein Berliner Roman
Fanny Essler
[Eng. 1984]

[BISON entries & ills.]

Maurermeister Ihles Haus(1907 & 1909)
The Master Mason's House
[Eng., 1976]

[BISON entries & ills.]

"Reise in Schweden" in Neue Revue & Morgen
May 1909
Centennial e-Facsimile Edition
May 2009

Felix Paul Greve

European Correspondence

Comprehensive Chronology

Greve's confessional
Letter to André Gide
October 1904

(in French; see also Eng tr.)

Letter to Brümmer [ill.]
with an
Autographical Sketch, March 1907

ill. & e-Ed. 2003ff)

André Gide

Conversation avec un allemand
French & English e-Ed., 2001

B ased on:
Claude Martin's masterly critical ed. from Gide's 1904 notes

two revealing letters by Greve
explaining his & Else Endell's 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' plans

Fanny Essler

FPG & FrL used this joint pseudonym in 1904/5

Gedichte / Drei Sonette / Gedichte
[German & English Centennial e-ed., March 2005]

about the "Fanny Essler" Complex
[Greve's 1905 Novel about Else & the 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' Poetry Cycle]

Includes links to

related to the 'Fanny Essler' Complex in poetry & prose

[shows how FrL transformed notably the central three sonnets about Greve
& two more poems into expressionist & dada poetry in the 1920s
how Grove translated two of his early German poems
transforming the neo-romantic originals into powerful realisticCanadian poetry]

Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven

Ernst Hardt ; August Endell ; Felix Paul Greve, et al.


Pittsburgh Arrest, 1910
[facsim. & text ; see also: Commentary, 2005]

FrL NYT Account, Dec. 1915
(Headline & Text)

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