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NOTE: Apart from Original Findings such as the 1904/5 "Fanny Essler" Poems, or early Correspondence by/about Greve referring to FrL, ALL documents in the UMA Collections were obtained either by exchange or for scholarly publication purposes from the single most important FrL Collection, Literary Manuscripts, University of Maryland.
See Literary Curator Dr. Beth Alvarez' excellent GUIDE for provenance & processing details, and her August 2010 Announcment about digitizing this Collection.

About Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven: a "Historical Note"
by Dr. Beth Alvarez, ©2004
Source: UMaryland EAD Finding Aid,
The Papers of Else von Freytag-Loringhoven
University of Maryland Archives, Literary Manuscripts

UMd FrL Collection
(5 Boxes, adapted from the Umd GUIDE)

FrL in the UWisconsin Little Review Collection (2 Fds.)

Detailed BISON Records
for various Else Freytag-Loringhoven Resources, including:
Else's Autobiography, mss & typescript,
Copies exchanged with the University of Maryland in 1991
Else's Autobiography,
Book ed. by Spettigue & Hjartarson, 1994: Baroness Elsa (incl. some corr.)
Video Interview about Else & Greve, 1902/3-1909/10 [1994]
about Else & Greve's 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' poems, Else's related German poems in the UMaryland Collections (Schalk & Du), the couple's Sparta, Kentucky, year in 1910/11, and FrL as the unacknowledged model for Grove's anti-heroine Clara Vogel in his first Canadian novel Settlers of the Marsh (1925, UMA, G. H. Wade copy,with Dustjacket ill.)
Irene Gammel's Biography of Else von Freytag-Loringhoven, MIT, 2002.
Two German editions, 2003 & 2005, the latter
doubling as FrL Exhibition Catalogue at the Literaturhaus Berlin, March-May 2005
dada Americano (1970)
facsim. portfolio by Arturo Schwarz; includes:
Man Ray's & Duchamp's short-lived "journal" New York Dada, 1921, with FrL 2 photos
Francis Naumann Gallery's Exhibition Catalog, NY, 2002
Various OTHER related Books, Documents or Resources,
including dada exhibitions, Greve's German novels about her and the Stefan George Circle, Endell, Hardt, Schmitz; Man Ray, Duchamp, The Little Review (TLR), Djuna Barnes, etc.

E-Documents by/about Else v. Freytag-Loringhoven
Gide's 1904 "Conversation":
Greve's appended Oct. 1904 LETTER to Gide
addresses Else & the couple's
multi-layered 'Fanny Essler' Plans in poems & prose

Else in Dachau, May 1900
(Registration facsim., detail; AB excerpts)

Else at Dr. Gmelin's Sanatorium in Boldixum, near Wyk auf Föhr, Oct./Nov. 1902
(Postcard; AB excerpts)

Else as translator of Flaubert's Correspondence?
FrL (in her autobiography) & Greve (to Gide) say she did NOT translate French texts!
, 1904/5; FPG Corr. excerpt; FrL Note, UMd)

Else contacts Gide in 1921: Account by 'La Petite Dame'
(text excerpt)

Else arrested in Pittsburgh in September 1910
(facsim. of NYT Notice, e-Text, & commentary]

Else coverage in the NY Times, Dec. 5, 1915
(Headline; Facsim.)

Power-Point Lectures about FrL & FPG:
"FPG (Greve/Grove)'s Obsession with Else Ploetz, Endell, Greve, & Freytag-Loringhoven." [Power-Point Production, 56 slides, ©Dec2003]
Presented for the UW German-Canadian Studies Program at the University of Winnipeg Faculty Club, Dec. 4, 2003

"Else Ploetz meets August Endell in Munich/Dachau, 1900." -- LCMND Conference, Minot, N.D., October 2005.

"Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven in Germany, New York, & Paris, & her importance to the UM's FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections." -- Invited Lecture for Professor M. Baker's Art History Class, Oct. 2005.

FrL Exhibition at the Literatur Haus in Berlin, March to May, 2005:
website info
[Gisi's impressions of this event & the LitHaus Berlin exhib. of March 2005 coming soon]

Berlin LitHaus FrL Exhibition:
adapted for the Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, Dec. 2005 to Jan 2006
website info FrL Exhibition in Zürich's Cabaret Voltaire, 2005/6

Gisi Baronin Freytag-Loringhoven's Impressions, Dada Exhibition in Paris, 2005
Poster with FrL's name in small, but central letters

NYT review of a 2006 dada exhibition including FrL at Francis Naumann's Gallery

e-Texts by/about Else von Freytag-Loringhoven
Poems about or References to German Contemporaries:
Marcus Behmer. -- August Endell. -- Leo Baron von Freytag-Loringhoven
Above all: FPG (Felix Paul Greve), her most important lover & second husband
Ernst Hardt. -- Melchior Lechter. -- Oskar A. H. & Richard Schmitz. -- Karl Wolfskehl.

Satirical Poem about Ernst Hardt
[set in Berlin, ca. 1896-98]

Satirical Poem about August Endell
[set in Munich, ca. 1900]

"Fanny Essler's" Seven Poems (1904/5)
100th Anniversary e-Edition in German & English:
Else & F. P. Greve in Berlin, Wyk auf Föhr, & Palermo in 1902/3

Gedichte/Poems [I & II]
(Freistatt, Aug. 1904: "Tunis")

Drei Sonette: ein Porträt / Three Sonnets: a Portrait [III, IV, V]
(Freistatt, Oct. 1904)

Gedichte/Poems [VI & VII]
(Freistatt, Mar. 1905: "Husum")

NOTE: This interesting poetry cycle of seven poems was published by FPG (Greve/Grove) & Else von Freytag-Loringhoven (FrL, divorced Endell at the time) under their joint pseudonym "Fanny Essler" in the journal Die Freistatt in 1904/5.
On March 25, 2005, on occasion of the 100th Anniversary of their first publication, and the Grand Opening of the Freytag-Loringhoven Exhibition at the Literaturhaus, Berlin, these poems were made available as e-texts as parallel German/English texts.

Greve is the central topic of these poems. See a facsimile image of the central three sonnets, which describe, in Petrarchan fashion, his brutal hands, his cold eyes, & his ever lying mouth. Curiously, Grove's autobiographical novel A Search for America (1927, e-Ed. 2000 & 2005) echoes the second of these attributes, namely, FPG's icy-cold stare.

Felix Paul Greve, the subject of the 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' poetry cycle, is also addressed in many Freytag-Loringhoven poems in her University of Maryland, College Park, Collection. In fact, we owe it to one of her German poems that "the Kentucky wilderness" where "FPG" abandoned her in 1911 was the small rural town of Sparta, not far from Cincinnati.

Several of FrL's German poems bear a direct relation to this early poetry cycle, notably, the central sonnet "Portrait" of FPG [FrL's "Herbst"], and the final "Husum" snow poem [FrL's "Du"]. In her poem "Schalk" she furthermore combines Greve's rather negative 1904/5 "Sonnet"- and the ca. 1912 "Herbst" character traits with the impetuous storm metaphor of FPG's poem "Erster Sturm" (1907).
A manuscript version of this poem & two English translations thereof are extant among Grove's papers in the UM's archival collections.

For biographical information about the 'Fanny Essler' poems, the novel Fanny Essler (1905), & the use of the name "Else Greve" for certain Flaubert translations, see Greve's long, 17.10.1904 confessional letter to André Gide, which the latter appended to his first draft of "Conversation avec un Allemand." FrL is addressed in this text as well: Greve asks Gide where in Paris he might buy Henna for her.

In her revealing Autobiography (AB, UMaryland), where Greve looms large, she mentions that she started dying her hair red in Palermo in mid-1903, while Greve was serving a prison-term for fraud in Bonn.

All of these sources are readily available as separate, related FPG & FrL webpages [see links below], or as part of FPG's much expanded 2007 e-Poetry edition [originally published in Dec. 1993, Cover ill].
See also:
to FPG's poetry edition (1993, e-Ed. 2006, 61 p.)
about the 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' complex (poems &
novel) ...

... or the many German poems FrL prefaced "An FPG"

The "dada Baroness" FrL is often remembered
in the Autobiographies or Correspondence of American Contemporaries like
Margaret Anderson
Berenice Abbott
Djuna Barnes
George Biddle
Hart Crane
Marcel Duchamp
Jane Heap
Man Ray
William Carlos Williams
... & many others

International E-Resources about Else von Freytag-Loringhoven

Gallery of Images & Documents
Francis Naumann's Collection
, New York:
Cover of the NY April 2002 FrL Exhibition Catalogue
Back-Cover of the NY April 2002 FrL Exhibition Catalogue
FrL by Theresa Bernstein, 1917: from the NY 2002 FrL Exhibition Catalogue

FrL Postcard
announcing the German version of Irene Gammel's FrL Biography, 2003

FrL Dachau 1900:
Registration Document (Detail)

Dr. Gmelins Sanatorium, 1902:
Boldixum, near Wyk auf Föhr

FrL in exotic costume, NY, ca. 1920:
photo adapted from the LC Bain Collection
FrL & Claude McKay in exotic costume, NY, ca. 1920:
photo from the LC Bain Collection

"Fanny Essler" Sonnets about FPG, 1904

Fanny Elssler Lithograph, 1840 in Broom, 1922

FrL's poem "Circle" with oblong ill., in Broom, 1923

FrL's poem "Schalk" about FPG, ca. 1923
using EYE, HAND, & MOUTH in 1904 Sonnets & the Fall allegory in FPG's pet poem

"Erster Sturm" (1907 & ca. 1930):
parallel German texts

Sparta, KY, 1986: Map
[ONLY ref. on FrL's "Schalk"]

FrL as the letter "A" in Man Ray's great "mer" (sea) / "merde" (shit) pun, 1921

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