Assignment 4  -  November 28, 2017

This assignment is worth 5% of the course grade. Due Tue. Dec. 5

1) (3 points) Chromosome pairing in a heterozygote for an inversion is shown below. (For simplicity, an inversion loop is avoided by drawing the termini unpaired.) Consider a set of possible double crossovers. In all cases, one crossover event occurs at position X. The example shows meiotic products resulting from a second crossover at site 1. Draw the meiotic products for the other possible crossover sites, 2, 3 or 4.

2) (2 points) The Brassica napus genome is amphidiploid, containing two homoeologous genomes (AACC) which are represented in B. rapa (AA) and B. oleracea (CC). Suppose you wanted to assemble complete contigs, consisting of partially overlapping BAC clones spanning the entire length of each chromosome. Would it be easier to do this in the amphidiploid B. napus, or in the diploid species B. rapa or B. oleracea? Explain your reasoning.

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