PLNT3140 - Bioinformatics Lab

Disk space management

Reference: Managing your UNIX disk space and quotas

Because we are generating a lot of output, we need to take a few steps to ensure that there is enough disk space.

At present, IST gives each student a quota of 1 Gb of disk space in their $HOME directories. Students can also utilize up to 5 Gb of disk space in the /local/workspace1 filesystem. To take advantage of the latter, we will move your tutorials directory onto that filesystem, and create a symbolic link to it from your $HOME directory.

cd Make sure you're in your $HOME directory
{venus:/home/plants/frist}workspacetool claim
cat: /local/workspace01/Quotas: No such file or directory

You have submitted a request for additional disk space on the
University of Manitoba UNIX/Linux system.  It will be setup at:
/local/workspace01/frist with a default quota of 5G.

The system should process this request within the next 15
minutes.  At that time, you will be notified by email at
( with the results.  You can also check
the status of your request at any time using this command:
"workspacetool show"
Run the workspacetool to claim your new directory.

You will get an email message in our UM mail when your space is ready.
mv tutorials /local/workspace01/userid Once your workspace is ready, move your tutorials directory to /local/workspace01 by typing
ln -s /local/workspace01/userid/tutorials Finally, create a symbolic link to this directory

For most practical purposes, the symbolic link you have created makes it appear as if your tutorials directory is in your $HOME directory, even though it's somewhere else. You can cd into this directory as before, and work within it just as you did before.