Plant genome

Name of the transposable element(s) activated Class and superfamily Experimental conditions
 causing genomic stress
Indicators of activity
 (transcription and/or transposition)
Arabidopsis ONSEN Retrotransposon (copia) Heat stress Transcription and transposition
Arabidopsis Copia78
Copia4 MULE2
Retrotransposons and DNA transposon Plants with a decrease in DNA methylation1 (ddm1) genetic background and heat stress Transcription
Arabidopsis Evadé Retrotransposon (copia) Methyltransferase1 (met1) mutants and histone methyltransferase KRYPTONITE (KYP) mutants Transcription and transposition
Arabidopsis ATGP3
Retrotransposon (gypsy)
Retrotransposons (copia)
DNA transposon (Mutator)
ddm1 genetic background Transcription and transposition
Arabidopsis CAC1 DNA transposon (CACTA) ddm1 genetic background Transcription and transposition
Melon Reme1 Retrotransposon (copia) Leaves treated with UV light Transcription
Tomato (Lycopersicon chilense) TLC1.1 Retrotransposon (copia) Dehydration stress Transcription
Tobacco Tnt1A Retrotransposon (copia) S4 progeny of the synthetic allotetraploid Th37 Transposition
Tobacco Tnt1 Retrotransposon Plants regenerated from mesophyll leaf cells and protoplast-derived regenerants exposed to fungal factors Transposition
Tobacco Tnt1 Retrotransposon Cell culture from mesophyll protoplast Transposition
Chickpea Eight copia-like elements Retrotransposon (copia) Desiccation stress Transcription
Wheat Ttd1a Retrotransposon (copia) Salt and light stresses Transcription and transposition
Rice Lullaby and Tos17 Retrotransposons Callus cultured for 14 weeks Transcription and transposition
Rice mPing DNA transposon (MITE) Slender glume mutant induced by γ-irradiation of seeds of japonica rice Transposition or excision of mPing from the slg loci
Rice mPing DNA transposon (MITE) Callus derived from another culture Transposition
Oat (Avena sativa) OARE-1 Retrotransposon (copia) UV irradiation, wounding, salicylic acid, and crown rust pathogen Transcription