Generating tree images for your report.

If you are skilled in working with images, you can use any method you like to grab, crop and save the tree images for your report. Programs would include GIMP and LibreOffice Draw, found in the Graphics menu. In this example, we'll show how to use GIMP to take a screenshot of a window, crop it, and save the image.

1. Read your tree files into bltree.

Import each treefile using File --> Import Treefile. (Note: Trying to open your treefiles using File --> Open will NOT work.)

2. For each tree, run DRAWTREE to generate a tree image.

Draw --> DRAWTREE. By default, output will be written in PostScript format, and will open in a PostScript/PDF viewer such as Evince.

To make the images fit on your page, set the image size to 50%.

3. Capture the image, crop it, and save as a PNG file.
We will use the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to create screenshots.
Launch GIMP: Applications --> Graphics --> GNU Image Manipulation Program. Choose File --> Create Screenshot. Choose "Take a screenshot of a single window" and set a short delay eg. 4 sec. Click on "Snap", and then click on the window that you wish to capture as an image.

A new GIMP window will pop up showing the image of the window you captured.

We want to get rid of the window frame, as well as the white border space around the tree. To crop the image, choose Tools --> Transform tools --> Crop. The cursor within the GIMP window will turn into a knife. Draw a box around the area you wish to keep, and release the mouse.

Press ENTER to crop the image. The image will now look as shown at right.

To save the image, choose File --> Save As. Specify a filename. The file extension will tell GIMP which format to use for saving the image. The best choice for Web pages is PNG, so save it with a .png file extension eg. chitIII.fitch.png.