Plant Biotechnology Program


The Plant Biotechnology Program prepares students for a career in the applied sciences needed to guarantee food security, food safety and sustainability of our agrifood system in the face of 21st Century challenges.

Students will receive a solid grounding in the relevant biological sciences, as well as the applied fields of crop production, plant protection, and plant breeding, in conjunction with technologies such as genetic engineering, genomics,  marker-assisted breeding, tissue culture and bioinformatics. Students will obtain hands-on laboratory and field experience in many of the disciplines covered by the program.

A seminar-style "capstone" course in the fourth year brings together students in the program develop "Big Picture" perspective of this rapidly-moving field.

Because our department has active research programs in this field, there are often opportunities for both summer work and undergraduate thesis work in various research labs.

Graduates of this program will be positioned for entry-level careers in the agri-food industry, as well as for further study at the Graduate level.


PlantBiotechnologyPrerequisites.png - This diagram shows the dependencies for both required and elective courses in the program. It is a useful tool for planning your four year program.

PlntBiotechProgAdvisingSheet2019.doc - Fill in this document each year to plan your courses. This is the best way to ensure that you don't miss a course that is required to graduate.

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