We describe bioLegato: a generic, programmable graphic user interface that enables the end user to visualize and work with almost any type of data in an object-oriented way. Object-oriented programming has been one of the most fundamental breakthroughs in computer languages and programming practices. Simply stated: everything is an object; objects have data and methods; methods return objects. Up to now, the end user has not directly benefited from the power inherent in objects. However, recent developments have redefined the way data is structured on the web, and how objects interact with each other through web services, leading to an Object-Oriented World View (OOWV). BioLegato gives the end user an OOWV, both of their own data, and data and methods on the Web. Although current development is targeted at genomics data, the generic design of  bioLegato lends itself for use with almost any kind of data.

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