Biolegato: Beyond GDE

1. Changes that move toward bioLegato independence while retaining backward compatability with GDE.

a. A bioLegato-specific set of Environment variables

Need to create a set of bioLegato environment variables that correspond to existing GDE variables. eg.

(This one might just wait until we get a new biolegato menu language.)

b. Hard-coding of 'biolegato' rather than 'gde' in menu items and in scripts.

c. File chooser. Two possible ways:
  1. pseudocomment that is only parsed by bioLegato (done in bioLegato)
  2. (done in Change file input to 'file_chooser' in .item files, but will replace it with the correct syntax for argtype:text when it writes a .GDEmenus file. This one forks the GDE_Help_Dir directories while leaving the menus directories unchanged. We would need to create a completely new set of directories for bioLegato,  and change the biolegato wrappers to set GDE_HELP_DIR so read the new directories. would have to be changed as well.
  3. Same as 2, but have a sed or awk script that makes the changes, independently of

2. Changes that fork bioLegato irrevocably away from GDE

a. We create a separate set of hierarchical menu directories such as  $dat/biolegato, $dat/mbiolegato, $dat/tbiolegato which are now allowed to fork.

b. File chooser