Ideas on documentation for bioLegato

Manual Style - Maintain document in a word processor and export to PDF.
Best for long documents that need pagination and need to be printed as
single big documents.

There probably needs to be a generic end-user manual for bioLegato, simialr to that for GDE. One problem: The manual probably needs to focus on some focus eg. sequences to work as an example.

Static HTML - May be best for short pages that will usually only be read online.

Dynamic HTML - eg. php, or generated by programs such as

Wiki - Best for documents in flux. Probably mainly for developers, not for end users.

Cloud documents - eg. GoogleDoc documents that the community can modify. Cloud documents may arise from Manual Style documents. Need to have ways to prevent divergence so that new features to bioLegato are reflected in each cloud document.

Tutorials - probably best in HTML. There will be LOTS of tutorials.

Javadoc - automatically generated from IDE.

Help - short help items to be accessed from the bioLegato About menu.

Hovering comments for Java widgets