EDUB 2110 Middle Years Social Studies Methodology

Class Presentation Rubric


- Each group will give a special topics presentation as per the predetermined schedule.

- Each presentation should represent the integrated nature of the special topic with social studies

- The presentation should be 45 minutes in length.

- The presentation can be of any type or style.

- The main purpose of the presentation is to help the class understand that there are topics or curriculum areas that are outside the social sciences but integrated by them. These special topics include Global, Place-Based, Peace, Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Gender Equity/Sexual Orientation and Multicultural Education. It is hoped that the presentation will outline how the special topic can be integrated into middle years social studies curriculum. It should also include an overview of philosophies, goals, techniques, methods, and skills that can be taught to students that relate to this special topic. Your presentation is more about teaching and learning techniques, and how to infuse the special topic into middle years social studies curriculum. Some of the big questions or controversies that are current in the special topic should be acknowledged. As well, any relation to social justice or sustainablility issues can be discussed.

- Please include the following in your presentation.

1. A brief overview of the special topic being presented is needed and should include the main concepts or themes that are central to the topic. It should NOT take up the bulk of your presentation (approx 5 minutes). A short powerpoint is helpful and can include internet sources.

2. You need to include at least two mini-activities that illustrates the methods used to teach your special topic (this should be the focus of your presentation).These activities can be shortened version of a longer or more extensive activity.

3. Leave at least 5 minutes at the end for class discussion.

4. An annotated list of resource materials including Internet sites must be included.

5. A small reference package ( about 2 pages) with a summary of the concepts and ideas presented and references and or locations for teaching resources, contacts, and a description of the lesson taught needs to be created. One hard copy for the instuctor and an electronic copy will be given/sent to the instructor and posted on his webpage for all students.

6. ***Each team will provide a presentation outline (lesson plan), hard copy of the reference package and the handouts used in the presentation to the instructor before the presentation.

7. Schedule and Teams will be choosen randomly in class a few weeks before. Class time will be provided for some group planning.

An excellent presentation will:



Holistic Evaluation

- A grade of 17 (B+) will be assigned for completion of responses and assignments to the Quality Standard outlined above.

- Grades above the 17 will be based on exceptional work reflecting extra effort

- Grades below the 17 will be based on incomplete and / or work below the Quality Standard

Weight: 20% of Final Grade