Create an Exam


Using a Chapter or part of a Chapter of the textbook that you are exploring, create a short quiz, which includes the following:

1. Create some exam questions. The following are the questions you need.

2. Type these questions on to a sheet of paper and be prepared to share your mini-quiz with a colleague on February 10, 2015. In fact one of your group will have time to take your quiz, so have the answers ready : )

3. While you are creating the record, on this sheet, any insights or reflections you have about exam writing and include this when you hand in your quiz.

Hand in the following:

1. The quiz without the answers

2. An Answer Key (Can be on the blank copy of the Quiz)

3. A few reflection points or insights on creating tests / quizzes (in point form and can be included on the blank quiz).

Weighting - 8 points (%)