Create an Exam


Using a Chapter or part of a Chapter of the textbook that you are exploring, create a short quiz, which includes the following:

1. Create some exam questions. The following are the questions you need.

2. Type these questions on to a sheet of paper and be prepared to share your mini-quiz with a colleague on October 23rd. In fact one of your group will have time to take your quiz, so have the answers ready : )

3. While you are creating your quiz, record any insights or reflections you have about exam writing and include this when you hand in your quiz.

Hand in the following:

1. One copy of the quiz without the answers to be used by a colleague in class,

2. An Answer Key (Can be on another blank copy of the Quiz)

3. A few reflection points or insights on creating tests / quizzes (can be in point form and can be included on the blank quiz). It should be about half page.

Weighting - 10 points (%)