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Courses taught:

Early Years:

EDUB 3014 - A11 Early Years Science and Social Studies: Pedagogy and Curriculum

Middle Years:

EDUB 3060 – A23 and A24

Teaching Social Studies in the Middle Years

EDUB 1110 - A13 and A14

Introduction to Teaching Social Studies in the Middle Years

Senior Years:

EDUB 2500 - A43 - Themes in Senior Years: Citizenship and Sustainability


Social Studies Resources:

Special Topics in Social Studies

Resource suggestions for exploring the following:

a. Human Rights Education

b. Peace Education

c. Anti-Racism Education

d. Environmental Education

e. Gender Equity Education

f. Multicultural Education

g. Global Education


Interesting Social Studies Web Site Links

"Big Question" Inquiry Units

Literature Trade Books with Social Studies Themes

Cradleboard Teaching Project

A great site for Aboriginal inspired curriculum

Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (MECY)

Home Page

MECY Instructional Resources


New Additions


1. Nice collection of Creative Icebreakers activities in an easily downloadable PDF.

2. Educational Ice Breakers has more for adults but can be modified for middle years students.

Videos of Hope:

1. Statistics of Hope

2. Inventor from Africa

Education for Sustainability

1. Manitoba Ed ESD Website

2. Research Page

3. ESD Sites

4. ESD Powerpoint


- The Story of Stuff  ***A must see

- A Mocumentary on Plastic Bags


Take a Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Sir Ken Robinson - a short RSA video on Creativity

National Film Board(NFB)

Online collection of many of their best and your favorites ready to play in your classroom.

Canadian Food Consumption

Here is an interesting video about Canadian food consumption and production (click top of page).

It is at

A bit of a warning, this site is part of the Hellman's Mayo campaign which is part of the Unilever Global Corporation. See Wikipedia for a critique of this company.


Holistic Education

Social Justice

Teacher Reflection and Technology

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