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My main areas of research are in the social history of early modern England. I am especially interested in the social and cultural history of violence in London and the metropolis in the period 1750-1850. After my graduate work at the University of Toronto, I taught at the University of Guelph before coming to the University of Manitoba in 2000. I am originally from Vancouver and was an undergraduate at U.B.C. back when the Powder Blues band was playing gigs for world disarmament.


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Brief CV
B.A.(Hons), University of British Columbia
M.A., University of Toronto
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Current Research Interests
Interpersonal violence in the eighteenth-century metropolis
Summary justice in eighteenth century London
Poverty, youth culture, philanthropy and the law

Some Publications

·  City Limits: Perspectives on the Historical European City eds. Glenn Clark, Judith Owens, and Greg T. Smith. McGill-Queens University Press, 2010.

·  "Violent Crime and the Public Weal in England, 1700-1900." In Crime, Law and Popular Culture in Europe 1500-1900 ed. R. McMahon. Willan Publishing, 2008.

·  "Expanding the Compass of Domestic Violence in the Hanoverian Metropolis." Journal of Social History 41:1 (Fall, 2007): 31-54.

·  "`I Could Hang Anything You can Bring Before Me': England's Willing Executioners in 1883." In Penal Practice and Culture, 1500-1900: Punishing the English ed. Simon Devereaux and Paul Griffiths, 285-308. Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

·  Criminal Justice in the Old World and the New: Essays in Honour of J. M. Beattie (co-editor with Allyson N. May, and Simon Devereaux ) Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto, 1998.

·  "Civilized People Don't Want to See That Kind of Thing: The Decline of Public Physical Punishment in London, 1760-1840." In Qualities of Mercy: Justice, Punishment, and Discretion ed. Carolyn Strange, 21-51. UBC Press, 1996.



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