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A Prairie Network for Research in Mathematical Sciences (PNRMS) has been formed in 2007. The main objective of the Network is to help encourage and advance research in the mathematical sciences in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The formation of the Network, which is modelled in line with the Atlantic Alliance for Research in Mathematical Sciences (which serves the Atlantic provinces), was strongly encouraged by the Directors of the Fields Institutes for Research in Mathematical Sciences (Fields) and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS). The Coordinating Committee of the PNRMS consists of: Abba Gumel (University of Manitoba), Stephen Kirkland (University of Regina), and Ray Spiteri (University of

The Network was formally launched during the first Annual Meeting of the PNRMS held at University of Regina, May 3--4, 2007. The Organizing Committee of the inaugural meeting consisted of a member from each of the participating universities as follows: Murray Bremner (University of Saskatchewan), Douglas Farenick, Chair (University of Regina), Chenkuan Li (Brandon University), Anna Stokke (University of Winnipeg), and Nina Zorboska (University of Manitoba). The meeting, which attracted over 40 researchers from 5 universities within the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, featured 14 research talks in diverse areas of mathematics (each of 50 minutes duration) over the 2-day period. Posters were also presented. A noticeable feature of the Inaugural Meeting was the participation of numerous younger researchers and women.

In addition to encouraging research programs and activities in areas that are particularly relevant to the socio-economic needs of the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan (such as agriculture, environment, industry etc.), the PNRMS will greatly encourage mathematical research activities in areas where the prairie universities have critical mass. These areas include (among others):

  • Mathematical Biology and Dynamical Systems
  • Computational Mathematics, High-Performance Computing,
    and Computer Algebra
  • Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, and Combinatorics
  • Applied Statistics, Statistical Physics, and Chemistry
  • Analysis and Operator Algebras
  • Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Physics, and Industrial Mathematics
  • Actuarial Mathematics and Mathematical Finance

Membership: Membership of the Network is to be on a university-wide basis (so that researchers from all the mathematical sciences disciplines of a participating university would enjoy access to the Network). For now, membership is restricted to the aforementioned 5 prairie universities, with the possibility of continued cross-border expansion in the future (e.g., University of Lakehead, University of North Dakota, etc.). The Network will work in partnership with established local research centres (such as the IIMS at Manitoba, Centre for High Performance Computing and CALC at Saskatchewan, etc.)

Administrative Structure: Once fully established, the Network will be run by a Director and a Deputy Director, with one coming from each of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and alternating between the two provinces on a two-year basis. The Deputy Director, at the end of his/her two-year term, is expected to become the new Director. For the 2007--2008 academic year, the Network will be run by Abba Gumel (Manitoba) and Stephen Kirkland (Regina) as Co-Directors. The main administrative tasks for the next year include the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board, the identification of an incoming Director/Deputy Director team, and the continued development of the grass-roots support for the Network within the member institutions.

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