Research at the Groundwater Engineering group is covering a wide range of themes including groundwater hydrology, vadose zone hydrology, groundwater contamination, geochemical environments, and geothermal energy. Both basic research, as well as applied research, is carried out. Often interdisciplinary work is required. The focus of the research activities is on the modelling of geohydrological processes. Besides, experimental and field work is carried out dealing with water and nutrient fluxes in the subsurface, soil parameter estimation and groundwater research.

Current projects

Climatic Influences on Nitrate Leaching and Denitrification

Evaluation of Permafrost Changes due to Climate Change

Threat Assessment for Northern Civil Infrastructure affected by Climate Change

Estimation of Recharge and Nutrient Leaching at Different Scales to Improve Sustainable Land and Groundwater Management

Elastic-Plastic Fracture Propagation during Hydraulic Fracturing

Geochemical Reactions and Groundwater Flow in Sedimentary Saline Formations

Finished projects

Geothermal Behaviour of the @Source-Energy Pipe System

Reactive Transport Modeling of Geology, Quarrying, Mining, and Geological Hazards

Assessment of Geothermal Energy in the City of Winnipeg

Evaluation of the Water Balance for Evapotranspiration Landfill Covers

Sustainable Land and Groundwater Management Policies for Coastal Ecosystems of Eastern India

Laboratory Experiments to Observe Salt Concentrations at Transient Solid-Aqueous Interfaces

Accurate Prediction of Soil Moisture for Optimal Timing of Fertilizer and Irrigation

Infiltration into Partly Frozen Soils: Standardized Data Set and Model Evaluation