University of Manitoba Department of Chemistry

Philip G. Hultin


A.B. Dartmouth College 1983
M.Sc. U. of Toronto 1985
Ph.D. U of Toronto 1988

Office 554 Parker Building


vox 204.474.9814

fax 204.474.7608

Synthetic Organic Methodology - Metal-Catalyzed Reactions

I am no longer accepting new graduate students or postdoctoral fellows as my laboratory is now closed.

My research has been focused on compounds and methodology having biomedical applications. Click here to see descriptions of recent projects.

A list of recent research publications from the Hultin laboratory is here.

Chemistry Education - Teaching and Development

One of my major concerns in education is fostering analytical and problem-solving skills in my students. A short essay describing my thoughts on problem solving in terms of the three questions What? How? and Why? can be viewed here.

I was a participant in the Manitoba CRYSTAL project in chemical education. CRYSTAL was an initiative funded by NSERC to develop tools for enhancing science literacy in young Canadians. This project ran between 2005 and 2009, but the CRYSTAL initiative was cancelled in 2009.



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August 12, 2015.
Dr. P.G. Hultin