Tammy L. Ivanco, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Medicine

P415 Duff Roblin Bldg.
190 Dysart Road.
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

vox: (204)474-7375
fax: (204)474-7599
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Research Interests:

My lab is investigating one of the most interesting questions in neuroscience - "How does the brain learn and retain information for use throughout the lifetime?" We study what occurs during learning when the brain is working normally, but we are also interested in what happens when a brain is compromised or damaged. Some of the research we are doing is aimed at investigating developmental disorders and neurological disorders that affect young and old brains, such as those that result from stroke. My lab utilizes a number of techniques to investigate plasticity throughout the mammalian lifetime. These techniques come from the areas of behavioural neuroscience, molecular biology and neuroscience, electrophysiology, and quantitative and qualitative anatomy. I also expect to implement optical imaging techniques in the future.

Courses & Outlines:

    PSYC 1200

    PSYC 2360 BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR, Fall 2009

    17.454 BRAIN PLASTICITY, Spring 2006

    Look for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory in the fall of 2007.

Current Students in the Lab:

Kelly Hartle (Honours 2000, MA 2004, PhD Candidate 2004-)
Janine Reynard (MA Candidate - 2008)
Matthew Jeffers (MICH Undergraduate Summer Fellow 2007, NSERC summer fellow 2008,2009)
Marcel Peloquin (NSERC Summer fellow 2008, MICH fellow 2009)
Lab visit to CCBN, The University of Lethbridge, in 2002

Former Students in the Lab:

Jon Gilmore(Honors 2000)
Chris Funk (RA 2001)
Preston Williams (NSERC summer student - Nipissing - 2001)
Erin Bozwell (Independent Study Student 2001-2002)
Jeremy Gawryluk (Honors 2002, NSERC summer student 2003)
Janine Reid (Independent Studies student)
Damian Dowd (Independent Studies student)
Jady Wong (volunteer; MA in Psychology)
Sarah Dentry (research assistant)
Matt Derksen (NSERC summer student 2001, MA2004)
Paul Wawryko (NSERC URSA, 2002, BSc(med) student 2003-2004)
Stephanie Brunner (Independent Studies student)
Meera Dalal (MICH Undergraduate Summer Fellow 2004)
Maya Flat (MA in Psychology)
Marc Wallace (NSERC URSA 2003, 2004, 2005, BSc honours 2004-2005, MA candidate 2006)
Wanda Snow (MA 2004) Karen O'Brien (Honours 2006, NSERC URSA 2007)

Interested in doing an honors project or other work in the lab? click here

Summer NSERC URSA awards - applications due in January!!

Other former trainees in the Lab:

Nicole Ward (visiting post-doc - now at Case Western Reserve University)

Selected References:

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