Graduate Student Position: One M.Sc. or Ph.D. position is currently available in the Comparative Cognition Laboratory for September 2019, through either the Department of Psychology (applications due December 2018) or the Department of Biological Sciences (applications due in April 2019). Students with interests in: 1) canine cognition, 2) human spatial cognition, and 3) age-related changes in spatial cognition are particularly encouraged to apply.

Looking to Apply as a Graduate Student or Post Doc?

Dr. Kelly is able to accept Graduate Students through the Faculty of Science, the the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering, and the Faculty of Arts, Psychology Department. For graduate student funding opportunities:

Looking to join the lab as an Honours student?

If you are interested in joining the Psychology Undergraduate Honours Program Dr. Kelly is able to accept students from the Faculty of Science as well as the Faculty of Arts. If you are interested in doing an Honours research project, please email Dr. Kelly with a copy of your transcript (the unofficial web version is sufficient) and a brief description of the type of research you are interested in.
Students in the Honours program are also eligible for funding summer research not related to their honours' thesis research, through:

Looking to volunteer with the lab?

Our lab is greatly supported by the work of our awesome volunteers. We are always interested in welcoming dedicated people to work as part of our research team. Volunteers are typically able to get a variety of experiences involving all aspects of the design, experimental implementation, data analyses, and scientific communication.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email (kellylabumanitoba @ or Dr. Kelly (Debbie.Kelly @