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Comparative Cognition Laboratory

Welcome to the Comparative Cognition laboratory at the University of Manitoba, directed by Dr. Debbie Kelly.

University of Manitoba Comparative Cognition Lab

From left to right (top to bottom): Parisa Sepehri, Dr. Debbie Kelly, Abdelrahman Elzayadi, Kevin Leonard, Helen Harvie, Nanxi Huang, Breanna Cheri, Alizée Vernouillet, Iroshini Gunasekera, Edgar Delbert.
Not pictured: Ethan Schaffer, Le Hieu Ngan Nguyen and Matthew Mcconnell.

Volunteers: Do you have a love for dogs? We are looking to recruit enthusiastic volunteers to join our research team investigating dog-human interactions. Gain valuable research experience, while learning more about your canine best friend. We are also looking to recruit volunteers for other projects in our laboratory focused on avian and human cognition. For more information, please contact Dr. Debbie Kelly.


Meier, C., Sepehri, P., & Kelly, D.M. (2021). Age affects pigeons' (Columbia livia) memory capacity, but not representation of serial order, during a locomotor sequential-learning task. Scientific Reports, 11. Full Article.

Kelly, D.M., Leonard, K., & Gibson, B.M. (In Press). Adaptive specialization for spatial memory does not improve route efficiency: comparing the ability of Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) and pigeons (Columbia livia) to solve travelling salesperson problems. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

June, 2021: Welcome to Ethan Schaffer, who is joining our lab as a MA student in Psychology.

Kelly, D.M. & Guillette, L.M. (In press). Editorial: A special issue in honour of Irene Pepperberg: The chemist of comparative cognition. Learning and Behavior.

Kelly, D.M. & Katz, J.S. (In press). Editorial: A special issue: Lean on me: Animal-human interactions. Animal Cognition.

June, 2021: Congratulations to Nanxi Huang for being awarded a Research Manitoba Scholarship.

May, 2021: Congratulations to Iroshini Gunasekera for winning one of the Awards of Excellence in Public Speaking at the Psychology Honours Awards 2020/2021.

March, 2021: Congratulations to Breanna Cheri for successfully defending her Master's thesis. Way to go Breanna!

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