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The symbol as a ditinguishing feature

The symbol is used as a distinguishing identifier.
It is different from all my course logos and my company's logo.

The symbol [Small Logo] as a step

The symbol can be viewed as a step (to higher understanding of nature, arts, professions, trades, and business).

The symbol as an M []

When rotated to the right, it appears as an M which could stand for Manitoba.

E []

When rotated again can be viewed as an E which could stand for Education.

W []

When rotated once more, it appears as a W, which could stand for Winnipeg, but also for World.

3 []

Another rotation makes it appear as a 3. W3 is often interpreted as the World-Wide Web (WWW).

MEW3 []

When we put it all together, it reads as MEW3,
Manitoba Education on the World-Wide Web.
[] If you do not like this interpretation, just enjoy the design.

(Notice that all these patters have been developed by W. Kinsner who holds their copyright.)

One more thing

Since the small form of the step symbol is so distinct and compact, it is also used as an alternative return to table of contents (TOC) button in directories and other compact lists.

Click on the icon below to see how it works.

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