Prospective graduate students in Approximation Theory

I am currently looking for graduate students interested in pursuing a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in Approximation Theory under my supervision.

Before I agree to be your supervisor I will ask you to complete a diagnostic test consisting of 7 math contest type problems. To give you an example, here is one of the problems:

"The sum of the reciprocals of a set of N different positive integers is equal to one. If N=3 show that there is only one such set and find it. Find such a set for any value of N > 3."

Email me if you'd like to try to do this test (and please attach your CV to your email). The problems are not difficult but are non-standard. You can take a couple of weeks to finish this diagnostic test. The speed is not important, but what's important is that your solutions should be neat and logical.

If I agree to be your supervisor, you will need to formally apply for admission. You can find more information about how to do it here.

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